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Senior Startup Engineer - Maintenance Planner  Richland, WA  : 5/31/2023
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Plans and conducts work requiring judgment in the evaluation, selection, application, adaptation, and modification of standard techniques, guidelines, procedures, and criteria. Devises new approaches to startup, maintenance, operation, or testing. 
A. Supervision Received
* Receives technical and administrative supervision from the Startup Manager or responsible site supervisor.
* Performs most assignments independently with instructions as to the general results expected. Receives technical guidance on unusual or complex problems and supervisory approval on proposed plans for project(s).

B. Supervision Exercised
* Provides technical guidance or at times overall project startup supervision and assigns work to other Senior Startup Engineers and Startup Engineers, technicians, crafts and others who are performing specific assignments.

C. Contacts
* Coordinates with clients, suppliers, regulatory agencies, project management, engineering, and field personnel as required to fulfill job requirements.

1. Plans, schedules, conducts or coordinates detailed phases of startup, operations, or maintenance, including reviews of designs for plant operability and safety and jobsite precommissioning and startup assignments as directed. Performs work that involves conventional practice but may include a variety of complex features such as conflicting requirements, unsuitability of conventional methods, or difficult coordination requirements.
2. Assists with the preparation of site operations manuals.
3. Plans, guides or prepares project administrative and technical documents as required for startup, maintenance, operation, or testing.
4. Coordinates startup between project engineering, construction, specialty staff groups, clients, and vendors.
5. Assumes a lead role over other engineers for specific tasks as assigned. May direct overall startup activities on specific assignments.
6. Trains assigned personnel and assists them in their professional development.
7. Plans, guides or prepares project hazard and environmental compliance assessments, as directed. 

Job Requirements


Technical knowledge of startup, operation, maintenance, or testing. Knowledge of engineering systems, applications of startup and operations and some knowledge of application of computers to engineering problems.
A broad knowledge of precedents in the startup and operations areas and a broad knowledge and a good knowledge of principles and practices of related areas.
A good knowledge of industry and regulatory standards and design criteria pertinent to plant or equipment operations.
Skill in oral and written communication.
Demonstrated leadership in a team-based environment.
Knowledge of project-specific environmental compliance requirements. General awareness of environmental laws.
Knowledge of government compliance standards.
Is knowledgeable of applicable Environmental, Safety and Health regulatory requirements and how they affect operations.
Knowledge of Bechtel's 'Zero Accidents' safety program.
Plans, guides or prepares project hazard and environmental compliance assessments and corrective action items.
Computer literate in word processing, spreadsheet and technical database applications in accordance with current Bechtel Standard Application Program (BSAP) standards.
Familiarity with current industry quality standards.

The above is normally acquired through:
A recognized degree in an engineering or scientific discipline from an accredited college or university, OR
A professional license in an engineering discipline, OR
Specialized training in relevant general engineering or an appropriate engineering discipline to meet job requirements. This training could be obtained through military or Industrial applications. AND
Practical work experience to the degree necessary to perform the responsibilities outlined above. This work experience to be in startup, operation, or other relevant experience in design engineering, construction, field engineering, or plant operation in industrial, process, or marine facilities.


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