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Aircraft Sheetmetal Structures Instructor  Palmdale, CA  : 2/28/2023
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Job Summary:
  • Plans and delivers aircraft structural maintenance and assembly training programs for factory production employees and field support personnel.
  • Conducts training and develops criteria for evaluating effectiveness of training activities.
  • Performs data analysis and gathers information for new training; prepares and maintains training materials; and coordinates the development of new training materials and training aids.
  • Coordinates training content with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
  • Revises lesson plans to keep technical information up to date and meet new training requirements.
  • Responsible for instilling and maintaining process discipline through classroom instruction and lab sessions.
  • Interfaces with supervisors to determine training and certification requirements for assigned personnel and make recommendations to supervision/management for de-certification due to substandard performance and/or the inability to complete assigned tasks within established time parameters.
  • Analyzes current operating problems and future operating requirements to identify training needs and develop training programs
  • Executes and maintains company-wide training programs as well as the maintenance of a company-wide training and qualification record system.
  • Maintains currency in technical developments, technical training, and audiovisual techniques including the maintenance of applicable courseware.
  • Prepares classrooms and sets-up training materials; conducts classroom, shop and simulator training (if required) with customers

Job Requirements


  • The successful candidate will possess approximately four years of experience in aircraft maintenance and structural systems.
  • Candidate will also possess approximately two years instructional delivery on maintenance and structural systems
  • Knowledge of inspection, repair, and operation of aircraft, aircraft systems, ground equipment, tools, and test equipment
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Military aviation experience a plus
  • Comprehensive knowledge in aircraft maintenance, structural assembly, inspection, repair, and operation of aircraft, aircraft systems, ground equipment, tools, and test equipment related to military aircraft
  • A&P License is helpful but not required
  • Experience and understanding of aviation manufacturing processes including reading and understanding of aircraft manufacturing blueprints and electronic work instructions; subassembly manufacturing processes including Drill, Ream, and Countersink (DRC); Liquid and Solid Shim installation; Fastener installation and use of Torque Fasteners; fabrication and assembly of composite materials; Eddie Bolt/Lock Bolts, Blind Bolts, and installation of Bonded Nut-plates
  • Ability to establish and deliver training systems and/or conduct classroom and practical instruction to provide technical knowledge on maintenance and structural assembly
  • Capable of writing, editing, and producing materials for technical instruction; provide assistance and support to production operations by helping determine training needs; and delivering effective structures training
  • Instructor skills including classroom lecture and lab presentations
  • Strong verbal and written skills
  • Strong Computer skills


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