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Maintenance Supervisor 3  Bedford, IN  : 11/28/2022
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The main function of a maintenance supervisor is to establish, implement, and maintain long-range plans for improvement of maintenance activities and provide technical assistance to the manufacturing departments supported. A typical maintenance supervisor is responsible for the effective use of personnel, materials, and equipment in supporting SPQRC initiatives.
Job Responsibilities:
* Implement and actively support corporate safety policies, initiatives, and plant housekeeping standards.
* Diagnose equipment malfunction, determine root causes, and initiate immediate and long-term corrections.
* Support plant in achieving Safety, People, Quality, Responsiveness and Cost goals.
* Supervise construction and maintenance projects.
* Assist in the implementation of divisional and corporate policies.
* Maintain schedule and quality requirements.
* Implement safety and good housekeeping standards.
* Train, develop, and evaluate employees.
* Comply with terms of Local and National Labor agreements and supports divisional and corporate policies.
* Initiate contact with internal and external teams when required to solve problems.
* Implement planned maintenance activities.
* Complete work assignments required within budget, manpower and timing constraints.
* Support plant in achieving Safety, People, Quality, Responsiveness and Cost goals.
* Supervise construction and maintenance projects.
* Maintain schedule and quality requirements. 

Job Requirements


* Must be willing to work any assigned shift, work daily, weekend, and holiday overtime as required.
* Ability to interpret blueprints and engineering drawings.
* Knowledge of mechanical and electrical concepts.
* Experience in machine, assembly and/or facility areas.
* Knowledge of and ability to insure a safe industrial work environment.
* Knowledge of basic math including trigonometry.
* Knowledge of clerical work, data gathering, machine studies.
* Experience in supervision of multi-trade workforce.
* Strong knowledge of tooling, manufacturing, assembly processes.
* Have successfully completed behavior-based competency assessments- which measure ability to learn, adaptability, initiative, motivational fit, decision making, results orientation, teamwork, empowerment, organization, and planning competencies (DDI inventories and assessments).
* High level of analytical ability where problems are complex.
* High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others, motivate, and elicit output.
* Strong written and verbal communication skills.
* Knowledge in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
* Knowledge with Lotus Notes or other email communication tools.
* Ability to work well with others, exhibiting teamwork skills.
* Ability to partner with senior management to analyze and solve issues.
* Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
* Associate degree in Engineering or related technical field preferred.
* Trained in skilled trades area or equivalent technical training.
* 5-7 years of experience required. 


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