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Laundry Aide  Clearwater, FL  Posted: 5/15/2018
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1.         Collects soiled linens, sorts linen removing stained or damaged pieces.
2          Washes and dries linens. Weighs each load before placing 'in washers or dryers.
3.         Keeps accurate daily record of linen usage by department.
4.         Removes linens from dryers and sorts.
5.         Hangs garments that do not require pressing.
6.         May starch designated items.
7.         Hand irons articles as required.
8.         Folds, counts and stacks linens, etc. according to policy.
9.         Puts linens in carts and distributes to departments on a routine schedule.
10.       Fills emergency requisitions for extra linens.
11.       Inspects linen needs and linen taken out of service, then, informs supervisor.
12.       Washes, dries and distributes patients/resident's personal clothing as directed by
13.       Mends linens and patient's/resident's personal clothing as directed by supervisor.
14.       Cleans equipment and work area daily as scheduled.
15.       Performs other related duties as directed by supervisor.

Job Requirements


1.         Works in well-lighted/ventilated work areas.
2.         Must stand, stoop, lift and move arms constantly during work day.
3.         Must push carts and lift medium weight stacks.
4.         Will be exposed to heat and steam.
5.         Must handle contaminated linens.
6.         Must follow established safety standards and report all violations.
7.         Subject to exposure to infectious waste, diseases, conditions and blood and body
8.         Subject to frequent interruptions.
9.         Attends and participates in continuing educational programs.
10.       Communicates facility and department personnel.
1.         Must exhibit the ability to follow directions.
2.         Must possess good physical health.
3.         Must be motivated to learn and be willing to cooperate with others
4.         Must be able to read, write and speak the English language.
5.         Must be a minimum of eighteen (I8) years of age.
6.         Must have great customer service skills.


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