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Staff Development Coordinator, RN  Clearwater, FL  Posted: 3/7/2018
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Job Summary:
This position will be responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all center orientation and in-service education in accordance with current applicable federal, state and local guidelines and regulations that govern the center, and as may be directed by the Executive Director and the Director of Clinical Services, to ensure that employees are adequately trained in order to provide the highest degree of quality care to our residents and guests.
Essential Functions (including, but not limited to):
Develops and directs orientation programs, including outlines and objectives, for all personnel in accordance with established policies and procedures. Will at all times have teaching aids and reference material available and current. Establishes resources both inside the center and within the community, to assist with education and training needs.
Coordinating and/or establishing a calendar of direct training of all employees in all training programs mandated by federal, state, or Home office guidelines. The plan will be approved by the center QAPI committee.
Perform approved competency tests for all nursing personnel.
Maintain record for each staff member noting attendance and participation in educational programs. (Example: Results of pre or post tests; summaries of each in-service, certificates of completion via Relias)
Ensure (prior to orientation) the completion of all required documentation on new hires, to include certifications and licenses, background checks (including Level II as required), references, drug tests, certification of residency, completion of 1-9 forms, W-4 forms and any forms routinely signed by new employees for the center. This will be completed in conjunction with Director of HR.
Assist center department heads in establishing and completing orientation programs specific to their areas of responsibility.
Coordination and monitoring of center policies and procedures to include provision of offering Hepatitis “B” vaccine and TB testing in accordance with established policies.
Plan, develop, organize, evaluate and direct the center infection control programs, in accordance with federal, state and center policy and procedure guidelines. Providing all required reports to Director of Clinical Services and QAPI Committee.
Provide training to center staff on clinical initiatives and computerized software systems to include PCC, Relias, Engage/Align and any additional systems as required by Palm Healthcare Management.
Provide additional statistical information as requested as they relate to orientation and/or education as requested by the Home office, Insurance carriers, workers compensation or any other companies/consultants approved by the Home office.

Job Requirements


Minimum Qualifications: 
1.   Current Registered Nursing license in the state of Florida.
2.   Previous experience in Staff Development/Education Management.
3.  Must possess excellent computer and clinical assessment skills.
4.   Desire and ability to perform the functions outlined in this job description.

Specific Requirements: 
1.   Must be able to write the English languagein a legible and understandable manner.
2.   Must possess the ability to make decisions when circumstances warrant such action in a timely fashion.
3.   Must possess the ability to plan organize, develop, implement and interpret the infection control programs, goals, objectives, policies and procedures.
4.  Must possess the ability to operate computer systems, ex. PCC, Relias
5.   Must possess acute vision with moderate assistance for assessment and evaluation purposes.
6.   Must possess acute hearing with moderate assistance for assessment and evaluation purposes.
7.   Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.
8.   Must be able to relate to the ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset and at times with hostile people.
9.   Must be able to push, pull, lift and move equipment and supplies in excess of 50 pounds.


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