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Casa Promesa Nursing Home

Admissions Coordinator  Bronx, Ne  : 9/26/2023
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Casa Promesa Nursing Home

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The admissions Coordinator is responsible for all functions in relations to admissions into the CASA PROMESA Nursing Home. The admissions Coordinator is directly responsible for ensuring all documentation in relation to any admission is completed and reviewed by the Medical Director. Maintain census records for the facility and facilitate statistics as necessary. Update all information in computer systems as it relates to the nursing homeAdmissions Coordinator must conduct outreach to increase referrals for the Nursing Home.  The salalry is $58,000/annually.


  • · Responsible for coordination of referrals.
  • · Circulate current medical reports for Medical Director to review and approve for admissions.
  • · Ensure signatures are in consent forms for new admissions & picture ID is provided upon arrival.
  • · Ensure criteria for admission is established before the resident is admitted and communicated to referring agencies / hospitals.
  • · Communicate with referral agencies for any missing documentation that would otherwise hold up an admission.
  • · Ensure information is updated in the computer system in relation to demographics or financial.
  • · Provide daily census accurately and ensure it is entered in computer system daily, as it related to behold or discharges.
  • · Provide monthly statistics to NY Dept. of Health and AIDS Institute.
  • · Register all admissions into the computer system.
  • · Maintain databases for all referrals, therapeutic & bed hold logs.
  • · Obtain authorization single case agreement for all Managed Care patients.
  • · Provide notification to Nursing Home Leadership Team regarding status & deadline of concurrent review.
  • · Coordinate with Social Services and Medical Department to obtain clinical notes & social work documentation to compile concurrent review package.
  • · Submitting concurrent review package and follow up with Utilization Management team at the Managed Care Plan for status.
  • · Attend Morning Meeting Monday – Fridays to report to the Assistance Vice President/ Administrator and the Medical Director of all Admissions data and referrals pending in the system.
  • · Submit daily referral report.
  • · Submit on a weekly basis an outreach log of who/which external community partners/ hospitals were contacted for possible admissions.
  • · Admissions Coordinator must attend Outreach events on behalf of the Skilled Nursing Home to assist in the Marketing efforts with the leadership team.
  • · Admissions Coordinator may be asked to conduct outreach to area hospitals, nursing facilities, and other external community partners to discuss Casa Promesa and enhance our brand.
  • · Attend monthly Quality Improvement Meetings with the Nursing Home Leadership Team and provide metrics required.
  • · Provide data to submit to the Board of Directors and to the Casa Promesa Leadership Team on all Admissions efforts, including but not limited to: Number of Admissions per month, Number of referrals, Why Potential Residents were not Admitted,
  • Number of Cold Calls each month conducted and Number of Re-Admissions per month.
  • · Protects the organization and its clients by maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • · Obtain, summarize, and analyze all trends in Admissions Department.
  • · All other tasks as deemed appropriate by the Assistant Vice President / Administrator of the Nursing Home.


  • · 3 – 5 years' experience in a similar role is acceptable.
  • Must have healthcare insurance claims background
  • · Bachelor's degree preferred but not mandatory.
  • · Must be Bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • · Willing to work weekends (when required) and attend outreach events.
  • · Computer Literate – MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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