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Transitional Housing

Clinical Supervisor (Transitional Housing)(LMSW/LCSW/LMHC)  Bronx, NY  : 9/26/2023
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Transitional Housing

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Full Time


Guided by the agency core values and under the direction of the Program Director, the Clinical Supervisor (Stabilization Site) ensures quality care and oversees Clinical and Social Services functions. He/She is responsible for the completion of bio-psychosocial and/or psychiatric evaluations and mental status examinations along with aiding in coordinating ongoing mental health treatment. This individual is responsible for the oversight and implementation of Trauma Informed Care and resources for the purpose of meeting the physical, emotional, and social needs of clients. He/She supervises the Intake & Assessment process, Case Management/Housing Teams, and works with the Program Director to develop, implement, track, report, and evaluate measurable outcomes. He/she will also provide education groups to staff to increase awareness of mental health diagnosis and presentation, along with treatment options. The salary is $70,000-$75,000/year
KEY ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                                        
  • Assist the Program Director with the administration of the program
  • Effectively manage the entire building in the absence of the Program Director
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the Social Service program
  • Delegate and monitor client-related operational responsibilities, as appropriate, to Intake                                                       and Case Management team members
  • Oversee the timely assessment of clients upon admission, change of condition and review and update care plans
  • Facilitate interdepartmental communication and conduct social service staff meetings
  • Liaison with medical staff and psychiatric providers (both internal and external) to ensure appropriate service delivery for clients
  • Develop and implement a system to ensure that clients maintain their medication compliance on a weekly basis
  • Develop program content to address client needs related to housing, substance abuse treatment, mental health, and employment
  • Maintaining compliance with all organizational policies and legal regulations, by ensuring meticulous documentation of all activities in the department.
  • Ensure housing and performance outcomes are met on a monthly/ quarterly/ annual basis
  • Monitor and track clients housing placements, medical compliance, and Individual Service Plans
  • Conduct periodic internal file reviews and implement Quality Assurance measures as needed to ensure quality service delivery to clients (i.e., address and investigate client complaints)
  • Ensure high quality service delivery, including attending weekly social service meetings, internal and external case conferences, client referral and follow up, scheduled supervision and client meetings as needed.
  • Schedule and conduct workshops/client presentations at regular intervals
  • Maintain working knowledge of, and compliance with Part 491 Regulations, the Callaghan Decree and those of all funding sources. 
  • Consult with social services team on clients with special needs
  • Provide supervision or treatment of all cases requiring clinical involvement by managed care or other referrals agencies.
  • Develop and maintain referral linkages with outside agencies and organizations to meet the needs of program clients.
  • Escort clients in crisis for emergency intervention.
  • Maintain familiarity with both professional and self-help systems in the community to assist the client in those services when necessary
  • Provide clinical supervision to those staff under their assignment
  • Complete, review, and ensure timely submission of all internal and external reports.
  • Complete mental status examinations inclusive of taking comprehensive history inclusive of active or past substance use, history of violence (as perpetrator or victim), medical history, and relevant social history.
  • Develop assessment-based treatment plans (integrated plan of prioritized interventions) based on the diagnosis and psychosocial assessment of the client, to address mental, emotional, behavioral, developmental, and addictive disorders, impairments and disabilities, reactions to illnesses, injuries, disabilities and impairments, and social problems for clients in crisis and unable to access care. 
  • Provide crisis-oriented psychotherapy and limited psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic treatment for those clients in crisis
  • Maintain up to date case notes for clients on caseload; if applicable.
  • Conduct client assessments/screens during Admission/Orientation Phase and at other appropriate times.
  • Ensure documented follow up of all crisis and emergency referrals.
  • Review and track service delivery (assessments, service referrals, workshop attendance, etc.…)
  • Serve as an advocate for those clients or groups of clients whose needs are not being met by available programs or by a specific agency.

  1. All candidates are required to possess a current and valid NYS license in one or more of the following disciplines:
    1. NYS LCSW or LMSW 
    2. NYS MD 
    3. NYS LMHC 
    4. NYS NPP 
    5. NYS MD (Psychiatrist) 

*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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