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Alba De Vida

Security Guard (Buffalo, NY)  Buffalo, NY  : 7/27/2023
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Alba De Vida

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Full Time


The Security Guard will provide protection of personnel and property; the safety of the entire residential occupants and the support staff. The security personnel while on duty or in the facility acts in a courteous, respectful, and skilled manner when enforcing rules and regulations. A high level of security and supervision is provided seven days a week that consist of three shifts per day. Security Guard ensures that operations policies and procedures are enforced at all time. Must maintain ongoing duties in order to assure that daily responsibilities as required.  The pay rate is $20.00/Hr

Position 2 Schedule Tuesday-Saturday 1:00 pm-9:00 pm
KEY ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                                           
  • Security Personnel must report to post in uniform with identification properly displayed and well groomed at all times. 
  • The Security personnel patrol the interior and exterior of the buildings to maintain order, prevent loitering, preserve the peace, safeguard life and property against fire, vandalism, theft, and damage. 
  • Provide routine information to visitors and residents. 
  • Record daily actions in the communication logbook, maintain record of persons entering and leaving the facility timely and with quality. 
  • Ensure all residents comply with rules and regulations. 
  • During the course of any day the security staff performs a series of facility and perimeter runs throughout the day and evening so as to ensure the day to day operational routine and that there is nothing out of the ordinary, i.e., residents are not loitering, there are no unsecured areas, etc. 
  • The guard provides accurate and clear written and verbal information, including usage of two-way radios, as well as in the presentation of information and listens effectively.
  • Security personnel immediately report any incidents to the supervisor in charge, takes the necessary action, and submit written reports in accordance with program procedure.  
  • Security Personnel must ensure all Fire regulations are meticulously followed. 
  • Staff should document all incidents, unusual occurrences, post changes, verticals, fire regulations compliance and other pertinent information in the logbook.
  • Security Personnel must ensure that all residents behave accordingly and follow the Rules & Regulations of the facility at all times.
  • Security Personnel is required to be conscious, alert and aware while on duty. 
  • Security must not use their personal cellular telephones to make a call, play/listen to music, or text anyone while on their post or without authority from their immediate supervisor first. 
  • Security personnel must restrict access to facility to unauthorized guest, without prior approval. 
  • Security personnel must prevent access to any unauthorized areas of the facility, as well as prevent clients from traveling to additional floors, rooms, etc. in which the client does not reside. 
  • Security Guards will comply with post assignment and alternate post as specified by Leadership.
  • Security Personnel will display agency core values at all times.
  • High School Diploma/GED preferred
  • CPR / First Aid Certification (Employee can provide 60 days post start date) 
  • NYS Security Guard License required
  • F-02 certification (Employee can provide 90 days post start date)
  • Understanding of low-income and homeless individuals and their specific needs
  • Knowledge of crisis prevention, intervention, and resolution techniques; match such techniques to circumstances and individuals is preferred.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records, to prepare and submit all required paperwork in a timely and accurate manner
  • Basic computer literacy and knowledge of Microsoft Office

*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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