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After School and Youth Programs

Assistant Program Director  New York, NY  : 7/26/2023
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After School and Youth Programs

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Full Time


The general responsibilities of the Assistant Program Director are to assist the Program Director
with the overall planning, coordination, supervision and implementation of projects and
departmental activities serving youth in school based program. Ability to supervise, assist in
monitoring staff. Understanding the scope and design of youth development and School time
programming in academic based program.  The salary is $40,000/Year.

* Serves in an advisory capacity to the Program/Department Director
* Assists with the planning, directing, supervising, and coordination of diverse and
comprehensive planning, evaluation and research activities.
* Assists with the preparation and monitoring of a diverse operations budget and applies and
observes appropriate fiscal controls; interprets and applies appropriate laws, codes, rules
and policies.
* Assists with directing and conducting complex analyses of organizational and
administrative problems.
* Assists with recommending and implementing effective courses of action.
* Assists with planning and managing the use of automated systems to meet the
requirements of internal and external projects and operations
* Assists with the management of research and evaluation projects requested by managers
or directed by the Director.
* Assists with the coordination and overall supervision of the office's long-range, strategic
planning process; and assists with planning, directing, supervising, and coordinating
diverse and comprehensive policy analyses and development activities.
* Assists in the selection, delegation, and evaluation of support staff.
* Performs all other related duties.


* Bachelors (preferred) or Associates degree.
* 3-4 years of job-related youth development experience with demonstrated competence of
leadership and supervision.
* General Knowledge of DYCD, DOE services and System management (Recommended)
* Skills with design, scheduling, programming with degree of conceptualization and
* Strategic planning.
* Monitoring and Supervision
* Mastery skill in communicating in critical situations, both orally and in writing
* Ability to demonstrate budget preparation and control.
* Ability to administer programs.
* Skills in managing personnel through subordinate professional, management, or
supervisory staff.

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