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Education Director

Education Director  Bronx, NY  : 7/10/2023
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Education Director

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Full Time


General Summary

Under the supervision of the Education Director the Site Director, oversees the planning, organizing, and implementation of education services for the children at that site. These services contribute to the increased social competence in children and the recognition and enhancement of parents as the primary educators of their children.

Pay $65k-$70k per year

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Help plan and run all grantee pre-service trainings and all year long

2. Perform the functions of this position with a strong understanding of the Head Start Performance Standards and the safety and service plans: ACF child development outcomes Frameworks (ELOF), Early Childhood Frameworks for Quality (DOE EFQ); and thorough knowledge and application of Developmentally Appropriate Practices:

3. Deliver pre-service and monthly in-service training sessions to teaching staff as assigned

4. Monitor the implementation of creative curricula in the classrooms and assure that checkpoints are met

5. Carry out recommendations of the DOE and ACF monitor for program improvement

6. Monitor children's assessment (Brigance), including weekly observations in each area (anecdotal), developmental assessments, and children's assessment data entry and outcome reports (TSG)

7. Supervise children's assessment (Brigance), including weekly observations in each area, examples of the child's work, developmental assessments, and children's assessment data entry and outcome reports

8. Assure that home visits and parent conferences are done and that the progress reports are completed and used to discuss the individualization for each child

9. Identity items and materials needed in the classrooms and assist the teaches in the placing of purchase orders.

10. Assist in the process to transition 4 year old children to kindergarten

11. Assist in recruiting and orienting volunteers, providing them with guidance as needed

12. Evaluate the performance of teaching Staff, at the end of the probation and annually thereafter, and recommend subsequent personnel action to the Education Director.

13. Actively participant in the professional development weeks throughout the year.

14 Assure that staff files and documentation are complete, accurate, and confidentially maintained, and ready for inspection

Qualifications and Requirements:

1. NYS Teacher Certification License required. 

Degree in early childhood education or related subject.

2. New York State Teaching Certificate for early childhood, or N - 6 or Birth - 2ndgrade.

3. Have taught early childhood for at least 5 years.

4. Have knowledge and experience in the philosophy and practices of Head Start (or comparable child development programs), early childhood education, developmentally appropriate practice, and bilingual education;

5. Proof of a physical examination within the last 6 months, which indicates a tuberculosis test, and meets the requirements as stated by the Agency and the DOHMH;

6. Personal qualifications as required. Emotional maturity, willingness to cooperate with the aims of the program, respect for children and adults, flexibility, patience, good character.

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