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Transitional Housing

Team Leader (Transitional Housing)  ,   : 11/4/2022
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Transitional Housing

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Full Time


Under the supervision of the Program Director, the Team Leader will provide direct oversight of Case Manager Supervisor(s), Coordinator(s), and other assigned site-specific staffing. Team Leader is charged with the oversight of departmental tasks and goals and will assist in management of program in absence of Program Director. This includes, but is not limited to, record keeping, statistical reports, site coverage, client care/crisis intervention, administration of emergency first aid/CPR assistance and opiate overdose prevention intervention; related duties as assigned. This is a management position.  The salary is $35.71/Hr

KEY ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                            
Work Performance: 
  • Supervise and coach to ensure high quality service delivery; including: conducting weekly Social Services meetings, case conferences, scheduled supervision and client meetings as needed.
  • Ensure that supervision subscribes to the established format and reviews tasks outlined by the position.
  • Meet all training standards and schedule regular training sessions to ensure all subordinates meet training standards.
  • Schedule workshops, staff/client presentations at regular intervals.
  • Lead subordinates in problem solving and crisis intervention techniques.
  • Maintain working knowledge of, and compliance with Part 491 Regulations, the Callaghan Decree and those of all funding sources. 
  • Ensure 100% of clients have a clear plan for housing permanence and maintain knowledge of all current housing options.
  • Ensure compliance with program service schedule (social services, groups, recreation, etc…) 
  • Maintain working knowledge of all technological systems utilized by the program and its affiliates. 
  • Maintain strong collaborative relationship with all providers affiliated with ANH.
Reporting and Documentation: 
  • Complete, review and ensure timely submission of all internal and external reports. 
  • Ensure work outputs are of substance. 
  • Ensure all charting is done with integrity and to standard of primary and secondary regulatory agencies. 
  • Conduct and document supervision of all reports.
  • Utilize audits to provide feedback to Social Service Managers and identify trends in documentation. 
  • Provide staff and department as a whole with Quality Improvement Plans to ensure satisfactory work performance and progressive disciplinary action when required. 
  • Maintain record of onsite programming.
  • Ensure the best customer service is provided to every client.
  • Hold each client and staff's information in the highest confidence. 
  • Ensure compliance with behaviors outlined by Acacia Network's Employee Handbook.
  • Model appropriate behaviors for clients and staff.
Time and Attendance: 
  • Adhere to work schedule and ensure adherence to Social Services schedule by all staff. 
  • Avoid unscheduled absences. 
  • Review and manage hours allotted to the department and respond to time off requests. 
  • Utilize time management skills to prioritize tasks and ensure completion of work in a reasonable timeframe. 
Professional Conduct: 
  • Perform job duties with quality. 
  • Adhere to the Dress Code Policy. 
  • Model appropriate behaviors for staff. 
  • Lend interdepartmental support in times of need. 
  • Be a resource to staff and colleagues. 
  • Maintain open lines of communication with all departments, DHS Administration, ANH Administration, and partners within the network and community. 
  • Maintain compliance with electronic communication policies. 
Additional Site-Specific Duties as Assigned
  1. BA/BS (MA/MS Preferred)
  2. CPR & First Aid
  3. Overdose Prevention Rescue Training
  4. Mental Health First Aid
  5. CARES (Getting Started, Service Planning, Supervisory Functions & Reporting)
  6. Basic computer skills (MS Office)
  7. Knowledge of internet and email services

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