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Medical Director (Methadone Program)(Dunkirk, NY)  dunkirk, NY  : 11/1/2022
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The Medical Director (Dunkirk, NY)  engages in the professional, organizational, and administrative activities of the provide quality care to clients based upon their medical and psycho-social needs. The Medical Director develops, implements, evaluates the medical practice delivery model in accordance with specific goals. The responsibilities of the Medical Director are to be performed on a full time basis and are designed to provide medical leadership, direction and coordination in the provision of medical care and physician services. The Medical Director is the liaison between administration and the medical staff. The Medical Director assumes responsibility for all applicable Federal, State and City regulations for the department. The salary is $140K/ Part time
KEY ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                                           
  • Participating in planning, development, and organization of medical services provided.
  • Develops and reviews all medical policies related to patient care.
  • Conduct physical examinations of patients upon their admission and thereafter on an annual, regular and on an 'as-needed-basis.'
  • Review the completion and appropriateness of all intake documentation, including patient health history (i.e., other medications and allergies), drug abuse history and previous treatment failures.
  • Review and approval of initial needs assessment and patient initial treatment plans and reviews.
  • Participates in preparation for regulatory agency site visits.
  • Knowledge of Federal, State and City regulatory requirements and ensures all aspects of clinical care conforms to these requirements.
  • Order, evaluate, adjust and terminate prescription of medication dosages using sound medical, ethical and responsible discretion and meets with the patient to discuss any adjustments in medication dosage.
  • Reviews all accident/incidents related to patient care and provides input into actions necessary to resolve identified problems. Implements corrective actions as necessary and appropriate.
  • Ensures physical participation in the Interdisciplinary Care Planning process.
  • Prescription and provision of treatment in accordance to patient's medical and mental condition and only upon their individual needs.
  • Determine physiological opiate dependency upon admission and patient eligibility for admission to program.
  • Determine patient qualification and fitness for OTP replacement therapy and/or alternate medication assisted therapy services needed.
  • Participate in a weekly and on an 'as-needed-basis' case conferencing sessions with MDT members to discuss preventative treatment measure to adverse changes as well as progress in patient's medical condition.
  • Assures medical staff compliance with all regulatory and licensure guidelines.
  • Ensures compliance of all members of the medical staff to the rules, regulations and bylaws of the Medical Department.  Assures medical staff competence with all applicable policies and procedures of the facility and initiates action in cases of non-compliance.
  • Participating in the comprehensive care planning, discharge planning, and client and staff development by providing ongoing medical training and education to staff.
  • Providing medical assessment, consultation, treatment, and referrals that facilitate comprehensive and coordinated patient care.           
  • Providing crisis intervention and consultation on medical/psychiatric emergencies.
  • Assessing client's need for hospitalization and consultation with client's Primary Care Provider to include other care providers the patient is linked with and/or referred to.
  • Reviewing all patient medication and, if indicated, prescribes medication in consultation with client's Primary Care Provider upon patient need.
  • Providing the Program Director with reports on recommendations concerning the medical services.
  • Sharing in the administrative functions that directly impact medical services; collaborating with the management team in overall planning and budget activities; assuring delivery of quality care services to all patients in a respectful and professional manner.
  • Currently licensed and registered as a physician with the New York State Education Department with admitting privileges to at least one geographically accessible acute care hospital, in good standing
  • NYS Licensure to practice medicine
  • PhD/MD/JD
  • Board Certified/Board Eligible in Medicine, Family Medicine 
  • Current DEA Registration, in good standing.
  • Current with the Continuing Medical Education ('CME') licensure requirements
  • Current, relevant, and substantial knowledge of areas related to health center licensing and operations, e.g., legal/regulatory, administrative, policy, protocols, and other clinical issues, especially within a managed care environment, required.
  • Previous experience providing services and exercising leadership in a culturally and linguistically diverse setting, with demonstrated success.
  • Culturally aware and sensitive to the special needs of population.
  • Experience working in a setting that promotes interdisciplinary care planning.

*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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