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After School and Youth Programs

Community School Program Director  ,   : 11/1/2022
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After School and Youth Programs

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Full Time


Community Association of Progressive Dominicans (ACDP) is Seeking a dedicated, passionate, organized, flexible, strategic minded individual to lead the Community School initiative at Joseph Wade Academies in the Bronx. The Community School Director (CSD) grounded in core Academic values, is fully integrated in the school and its surrounding community. In partnership with school leadership, the CSD will create experiential learning opportunities, including field trips and youth leadership initiatives. Additionally, they will assess school and student needs, secure resources, and coordinate services across students, families and the school community.

The Community School Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of a community school strategy, including building and maintaining relationships with administration, faculty, staff, students, and families as the 'community organizer' of the school and community; creating, strengthening, and maintaining the bridge between the school and community; and facilitating and providing leadership for the collaborative process and development of a continuum of services for children, families and community members within the school neighborhood. The CSD will assist the school in developing implementation of action plans, troubleshoot implementation obstacles, and planning for sustainability. CSD will track the school's progress against performance goals, collect school data, and support program evaluation activities. Additional responsibilities include managing community partnerships and facilitating at School Leadership Team (SLT) meetings. The CSD will support, establish and implement the community school strategy. 
Monday-Friday, 7:30am-3:30pm/8am-4pm, occasional Saturday's and Holidays are required. Workdays/hours are subject to change 
     Pays $40k-$45k


*    Guides initial and on-going Needs and Resource Assessment
*    Ensures broad understanding of positive youth development and family strengthening practices
*    Guides high-quality program development and management
*    Leads the Community School - carries the collective vision, engages and excites others, ensures that programming supports the vision, outlines the general direction of the partnership.
*    Foster and maintain positive relationships with DOE staff, administration and ACDP by development of effective communication, leadership mechanisms and partnership.
*    Represents his/her CBO's competencies, interests and priorities in the partnership
*    Builds and guides coordinating body of community school
*    Develops strong partnership with principal
*    Serves on leadership teams of school
*    Oversee the development and implementation of the Community School model at IS117 Joseph Wade Academies
*    Work seamlessly and autonomously with the Principal and school leadership to maintain a focus on results and tracking progress.
*    Manages programs, as the lead for all partnership activities in the school
*    Monitors program quality, logistical issues, timeliness, etc.
*    In support of Principal, develops procedures and policies as needed.
*    Manages ACDP staff or leads team of partner staff
*    Manages parent and community volunteers
*    Ensures accountability of all implemented programming
*    Informs all stakeholders of nature and scope of the partnership
*    Brokers and tends relationships to strengthen the partnership
*    Builds long-term relationships with community.
*    Oversees or leads communication and public education about Community school model
*    Cultivate among benchmarks, deliverables, policy
*    Works with Principal, coordinating body and CBO leadership to develop strategic funding plan and implement site-level resource development
*    Meet contractual/funder requirements regarding statistical and written reports, database management and accountability.
*    Represent agency on relevant external committees, workshops, and gatherings.
*    Perform other duties as assigned

*    Bachelor's Degree required; Master's Degree preferred.
*    Bi-lingual needed on needs of school.
*    Ability to work effectively with school aged youth, educators, families, and communities from a wide range of cultural, social and economic backgrounds.
*    Experience working in school-based settings (Middle and/or High School), with knowledge about tenants of community organizing, student support services, and youth development theories.
*    Ability to work collaboratively, with strong relationship building skills.
*    Must be flexible Some nights and or weekends.
*    Minimum of two- three years' administrative work experience
*    Excellent relationship-building skills
*    Excellent organizational skills
*    Proficiency with IT, personal computers, including Microsoft Office and G-Suite; willingness to learn new programs and technology
*    Excellent oral and written communication skills with strong customer service orientation
*    Must possess an eagerness to solve problems and work with others to improve workflow and administration
*    Must already be, or willing to be, fingerprinted for clearance to work in a NYC DOE school
*    Be physically prepared to meet the demands of setting up your physical spaces at school sites, pick-up and drop-off supplies, and facilitate the activities of your assigned placement.
*    Candidates must be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus

*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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