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Behavioral Health (Basics)

Vocational Counselor  Bronx, NY  : 10/30/2022
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Behavioral Health (Basics)

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Full Time Union


The Vocational Counselor (VC) is part of the interdisciplinary team. He/she counsels clients in identifying, developing, and meeting their career and educational goals, by providing individual and group counseling along with workshops, seminars…etc.  He/she assists clients in developing and implementing a comprehensive program of voc/ed services that will result in client's involvement in employment, skills training or education activities. The salary is $29.00/Hr

KEY ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                                      
  • Collaboratively complete comprehensive vocational assessments
  • Collaboratively develop vocational treatment plans
  • Provide individual and group (workshops/seminars) vocational counseling to assist clients in making appropriate and attainable choices regarding their career goals.
  • Administer vocational related testing/interest inventories…etc. whenever appropriate
  • Write and maintain (file) progress notes and other required documentation (group notes, attendance verification, paystubs…etc.) in accordance with program, agency, state and funder regulations.
  • Develop, coordinate, maintain and network with a wide range of community based resources to provide training, education and employment opportunities 
  • Ensure appropriate referrals are made for all clients where appropriate to all vocational related activities.
  • Make cold calls/visits to potential employers; assist with job placement referrals 
  • Remain up-to-date on matters pertaining to the field (Job Fairs, Internet Resources, Current Job Market…etc.) 
  • Actively participate in case reviews, case conferences and departmental team meetings 
  • Provide follow up and post-placement support services to clients who are engaged vocationally
  • Ensure accurate reporting to HRA and all appropriate program/network departments (i.e Fiscal and Entitlements) regarding employment/vocational activities
  • Submit accurate statistical data regarding client caseload activities 
  • Assist in monitoring metrics and other data driven systems 
  • Participate in committees/sub-committees designed to improve services
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisor/management staff

  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Experience in group facilitation.
  • Strong ability to use independent judgment, manage and impart information clearly and appropriately.
  • Knowledge of data collection as it pertains to regulations from oversight agencies
  • Excellent ability to communicate effectively and clearly both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to develop and present educational programs and/or workshops.
  • Excellent knowledge of vocational and educational providers and services.
  • Excellent ability to make evaluative and objective judgments.
  • Excellent ability to investigate and analyze information and to draw conclusions.
  • Extensive knowledge about vocational educational needs of hard to employ population/substance abuse population.
  • Strong knowledge of substance /alcohol abuse issues and treatment.

  • Fully vaccinated against covid-19
  • Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling or related field or Bachelor's degree plus two years experience in vocational counseling
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor a plus.
  • Bilingual - Spanish preferred
  • Understanding of substance use issues and recovery

*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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