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CCBHC/ACDP Expansion

Senior Administrator of Outpatient Mental Health Services (CCBHC)  Bronx, NY  : 6/2/2022
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CCBHC/ACDP Expansion

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Full Time


The Senior Administrator of Outpatient Mental Health (CCBHC) is responsible for the oversight and leadership in the provision of integrated high quality clinical services for the mental health portfolio. The position incorporates staff leadership supervision and a range of administrative tasks related to ensuring quality clinical and administrative operations across all the programs and range of services. Responsible for engaging in internal organizational quality assurance and improvement efforts, and actively participate in external committees that result in increased organizational presence, contribute to organizational expertise, knowledge and enhances reputation. She/he is responsible for oversight of the portfolio in accordance with the scope of works and regulatory bodies.
Employee will provide supervision of clinical and administrative activities as directed by VP of Behavioral Health. Under supervision of the VP of Behavioral health, the requirements listed below represent the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. The provider ensures strengths based, person centered quality of care provided in a culturally and linguistically meaningful therapeutic environment. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities as defined by the ADA to perform the essential functions of the job. The functions below outline the general responsibilities associated with this position.   Each of these functions is considered critical to effective department operations and our Mission. It is expected that all staff in this position will have satisfactory attendance and will perform these functions as assigned in a competent, cooperative, and timely manner. The Job Description will be reviewed periodically for accuracy and/or adjusted according to business necessity. The salary range is $115-125K
  • Provides oversight and management of the mental health program operations, in accordance with agency and licensing regulations and contracted scopes of work.
  • Provides supervision to program leadership staff and workflow; including total performance management, delegating assignments and monitoring effectiveness to ensure best practices within the program and compliance with operational plans.
  • Ensure evaluations and professional development plans are completed timely and supported with sufficient opportunities for internal and external training
  • Monitors the standardization of data collection submissions of required metrics 
  • Compiling report data for monthly dashboards and quarterly reports 
  • Compiling of annual operational plans and budgets for the portfolio
  • Review of monthly budget reports; Ensure programs are financially stable and if a deficits that corrective actions are taking to ensure stability.
  • Ensure programs are complying with enrolled initiatives, grants and prepared for upcoming regulations or reimbursement expectations.
  • Monitors high risk management processes and provide clinical recommendations on evidenced-based interventions and practices.
  • Oversee all incident reporting to appropriate agencies (APS, Justice Center, NIMRS…etc.)
  • Conducts walk-throughs to evaluate program conditions and submit short and long-term recommendations
  • Coordinates with other agency branches as needed
  • Maintains community relationships, regulatory agencies and collaborators.
  • Provide counsel and expert advice to the senior team and other staff for quality and performance improvement.
  • Special projects and other duties as instructed by the VP of Behavioral Health.
  • Must be fully vaccinated against covid-19
  • Master's Degree in Social Work or an equivalent related field required
  • License or limited permit in Social Work or an equivalent related field required
  • 5+ years supervisory experience in social work.
  • Ability to use business acumen to exercise good judgment and decision-making.
  • Ability to deal with sensitive issues with diplomacy and discretion
  • Must be able to multi task with strong organization sills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and able to communicate both verbally and in written form.
  • Commitment to cultural diversity and sensitivity.
  • Ability to maintain a professional demeanor under pressure and operate with a keen sense of urgency and commitment to quality.

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