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Activity Cooking Instructor (STEM)  New York, NY  : 4/8/2022
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After School and Youth Programs

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Activity Cooking Instructor (STEM) in ACDP, teaches and facilitates in sharing technical knowledge and skills to help inspire Cooking as a STEM experience. Highly motivated, energetic and dedicated instructor to introduce Aspects of cooking field relating to STEM inspiring instruction for youth K-5 or  6th-8th grade in focused centered classroom structure. The Instructor will be responsible for leading hands on culinary classes in conformity with lesson plans.

  • Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among the students for whom they are responsible.
  • Establish clear objectives for all lesson plans, units, and projects, and communicate those objectives to students.
  • Prepare materials and classrooms for activities.
  • Deliver in-person presentations, introducing students to grade-appropriate STEM Cooking concepts 
  • Collaborate with with Education Director and Director to determine Cooking related activities and Lessons.
  • conduct in-classroom demonstrations as required by curriculum.
  • Demonstrate techniques and concepts as required by the curriculum.
  • Deliver clear, concise and organized lectures as required by the curriculum.
  • Assess student performance through observation and interaction, along with written and practical examinations.
  • Maintain a positive, focused learning environment during class.
  • Assure that classes are conducted in a manner that complies with principles of food safety and sanitation.
  • Maintain accurate records of student attendance and performance.
  • Attends meetings and faculty orientation as required
  • Facilitate a grade-appropriate activity or experiment.
  • Instruct school age students. Time management and an ability 
  • Deliver weekly cooking demonstrations outlining cooking tips and tricks to inspire the students.
  • Create a fun and inviting teaching environment where students learn in a non-threatening and social environment.
  • Ensure the food taste, presentation and service is high quality.
  • Engage with school teachers and parents to elicit constructive feedback about the Education Program.
  • Work with staff to ensure successful program implementation.
  • Communicate with Education Program staff to maintain and improve program.
  • Progressive development of student skills leading to a final project
  • Provide support during academic/homework hour
  • Promotes positive character development in all youth
  • Set teaching goals for students.
  • Provide a fun, encouraging, and disciplined atmosphere.
  • Be able to control and motivate groups of pupils.
  • Demonstrate leadership, dependability, patience, and concern for others.
  • Communicate course information to students and parents.
  • Provide structure of Lesson Planning and curriculum enhancement.
  • Attend Professional Development instructor meetings.
  • Communicate requested information to Director in a timely manner.
  • Track student attendance, including late arrival and early departure to address any concerns.
  • Have an understanding of health and safety.
  • Follow administrative and governmental safety and personnel policies, procedures, and ordinances.

  • Associates degree Minimum instruction education. BA/BS(preferred)
  • Pursuing a Bachelor's degree or with Bachelor's degrees in STEM field is considered a plus.
  • Minimum of two years of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is required.
  • Culinary/ or some form of formal Culinary Education.
  • Must possess a strong sense of attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal; strong presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact in a collaborative manner.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills required.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft suite of products including Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • Certifications and credentials in respective skill-based activity highly preferred.
  • Candidates who are qualified to lead instruction in more than one activity preferred as well.
  • Must pass pre-employment background investigation including but not limited to fingerprinting, employment history, and criminal background check


  • Experience in teaching or tutoring students is preferred Excellent communication skills (oral and written) preferred. Public speaking experience is a plus. Experience with after-school and recreation programs preferred 
  • Responsible, and amazing is preferred! A person of integrity and responsibility.
  • A profound understanding of cooking and healthy teachings 
  • Teach high quality skills and techniques to Elementary or Middle School Students
  • Able to teach and lead in lesson planning, etc.
  • Collaborate with education Specialist, Director or teachers to direct production
  • Use STEM and leadership techniques to create a positive group learning and dynamics
  • Collaborate to successfully provide high quality programming
  • Participate in staff trainings and meetings
  • Follow the arts curriculum given by supervisors
  • Classroom management and group building

*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer

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