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Casa Promesa

Nursing Home Staffing Coordinator  Bronx, NY  : 10/26/2021
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Casa Promesa

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Full Time


As a nursing staffing coordinator, your primary responsibilities include scheduling and supervising the staff to ensure you are meeting all needs. Health care often runs 24 hours a day and requires proper attention for all patients. You make sure providers have suitable staffing help and all services are covered. 


· Within prescribed time frame, prepares and posts the daily and monthly work schedule for the Nursing Department.

· Exhausts all available internal resources to fill 'holes or gaps' in the schedule by contacting all PRN employees, increasing work hours of part-time employees, asking full-time employees to work additional shifts, offering pre-approved financial incentives. All must be preapproved by the Director of Nursing.

· Schedules overtime only when necessary to meet staffing and resident care needs and avoid external agency usage.

· Scheduling Coordinator must ensure a fair process when assigning overtime with supporting documentation.

· Maintains regular communication with supervisor and HR Department regarding scheduling problems such as consistent overtime, vacant shifts, etc. that may require recruiting / hiring of additional staff.

· Maintains regular communication with HR and supervisor regarding staff requests and approvals to change employment classification.

· In response to census changes and as directed by the Director of Nursing, adjusts nursing work schedules to ensure staffing is appropriate to census levels.

· Reviews payroll time records for nursing department to help ensure accuracy time worked.

· Manages the credentialing and education files of all Nursing Department personnel, which includes prometrics.

· Inputs all payroll data for nursing department including approved vacation time, sick time, holiday pay and other benefit time.

· Schedules newly hired nursing staff for new employee on-the-job 'floor' orientation and training in coordination with the Director of Nursing.

· Tracks absenteeism and tardiness for the Nursing Department and advises the Nursing Director of any personnel who are outside of the time and attendance guidelines.

· Manages the Kronos Scheduling system.


· Associate Degree required but Bachelor's degree preferred

· Bilingual preferred (English/Spanish)

· Strong computer skills including learning new software programs as well as excel and other MS Office applications

· Experience scheduling staff for a 24 hour operation, preferably in healthcare

· Excellent customer service including telephone etiquette

· The ability to build strong relationships with staff to ensure coverage for call in's and understaffed units

· Excellent attention to detail

· Ability to be flexible and innovative when challenged with staffing issues

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