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After School and Youth Programs

Music Teacher  Bronx, NY  : 9/29/2021
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After School and Youth Programs

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Full Time


The general responsibilities of the Activities (Music) specialist are to provide intensive and extensive academic and musical services to children from ages 10-14 years of age. To organize and teach or provide special services for participants in the music activity; to monitor program site facilities; and to plan, organize and implement activities for younger youth programs.  The salary is between $17-19/Hr
  • Specific duties and responsibilities are to:
     Should have prior experience in the field of Music instruments and or Vocals.
     Provide careful and effective supervision of children's activities.
  • Maintain standards of behavior set by the Division of Youth and Family, by the non-punitive disciplinary methods and positive reinforcement.
  • Attends all weekly staff meetings and planning sessions.
  • Attends all Staff Development Training Sessions and Division Wide Meetings.
  • Ensure safety of children in streets.
  • Coordinate activities and field trips geared to music lessons.
  • Responsible for planning and carrying out assigned activities.
  • Responsible for planning any programmatic activities.
  • Responsible for the day to day programming of after-school activities
  • Responsible for retrieving, distributing, the maintenance and care for materials and supplies given to the group.
  • Responsible for filling out student assessment forms and bi-monthly evaluations
  • Assist children with Homework assignments
  • Assist with the coordination of food distribution
  • Assist with the distribution and collection of all after-school program documents including attendance/sign-in sheet, literacy planners and flyers.
  • Performing duties as requested on a rotating basis pertaining to program maintenance and administration.
  • Any and all duties necessary for maintaining a high quality after-school program as directed and instructed.
  • Attend periodic training sessions given by the ACDP program to increase competency in working with students.
  •  Be responsible for maintaining records on each student who is being instructed, including follow-up and periodic assessment.
  •  Help students develop positive attitudes toward learning and studying.
  •  Help students develop the study skills necessary for academic success.
  •  Establish and maintain rapport with the assigned student(s).
  •  Serve as a role model for students being served.
  • Volunteer for one day a year in an ACDP sponsored activity.
  • Promote and support ACDP's mission and vision.
  • Perform other duties and tasks as assigned. 
  • Work requires analytical, communications and organizational skills generally acquired through completion of a minimum of High School Diploma 
  • 1 year of experience working with youths and prefer knowledge and background in  music. 
Please note that we are equal opportunity employer and a person's inability to meet accommodative physical demands of the job will not affect their employment status.  All tasks assigned require minimum physical demands. Person can be expected to carry items no more than 25 pounds. 

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