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Supportive Housing

Property Manager  Bronx, NY  : 3/22/2021
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Supportive Housing

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Full Time


Acacia Network has been leading community advancement since 1969 and is currently serving communities in all New York City boroughs, Albany, Buffalo, Orlando and Puerto Rico. Our facilities offer world-class service to local underserved populations, providing a wide-range of programs including primary care, mental health counseling, housing, substance abuse rehabilitation, and education.

POSITION OVERVIEW:                                                                                                                                        
The Property Manager provides property management services while maintaining the integrity of the physical asset and maximizing the returns from the asset in accordance with the program guidelines.  They provide supervision, guidance and support and are responsible for ensuring that the standards and priorities of Acacia Network are met.
KEY ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                                  
  • Management of all operations of residential HUD, Sec 8, LIHTC, and Condominium (Boards) Properties including but not limited to: Supervising and communicate effectively with all Maintenance, Leasing and Property Management Staff to ensure compliance of all policies and procedures
  • Oversee the screening applicants for occupancy in accordance with state and federal guidelines for specific property
  • Organize, facilitate, and ensure properties are prepared for REAL and REAC Inspections, R/S, R/C, ECB, DOB and DHCR, FDNY, HPD, etc.
  • Ensuring the properties are clean, in good repair, and free of violations, and is responsible for managing, tracking and clearing building violations to ensure property remains in compliance
  • Service oriented and possess the ability to work with and understand problems and attitudes of clients and staff.
  • Understand and manage the properties budgetary process as it relates to operating and capital expenditure budget.
  • Manage assigned portfolio with expertise and efficiency to achieve financial and operational objectives; increase and maintain overall quality of life; develop and maintain tenant/landlord relations; monitor conditions and capacity of building systems; effectively address issues as they arise.
  • Monitor all HPD violations for assigned portfolio and address accordingly. Incoming violations must be addressed prior to completion/certification date while lowering overall HPD violations count, portfolio-wide.
  • Prepare for HPD Dismissal Inspections by eliminating listed violations in a strategic and efficient manner. Ensure tenant-access through proper notifications.
  • Prepare for weekly staff meetings and present information/documents in a clear and organized manner.
  • Respond to resident issues/inquiries in a timely and professional manner whether by phone, in-person, or email.
  • Respond to interdepartmental requests/inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
  • Regularly update your direct supervisor of overall building conditions, especially but not limited to building systems malfunctions (elevator, boiler, standpipe, etc.). Provide weekly status reports for management and at minimum monthly management and funder required reports.
  • Be accessible via phone and/or email at all times to address emergency issues.
  • Develop and maintain positive tenant relations; manage and meet expectations regarding overall quality of life, cleanliness, workmanship and responsiveness.
  • Provide outstanding customer service to residents while promoting relations among residents and staff, as well as Property Managers. Candidate must be responsible for taking care of various needs of the property, including regularly inspecting the grounds, facilities, and equipment to ensure that it is safe and maintained. Meet with residents to handle complaints and requests for repairs and ensure that they are properly provided.
  • Provide Supervision to all assigned staff, including meetings, supervision, scheduling, disciplinary, etc.
  • Meet all deadlines and perform other duties as assigned.
Property Management Experience: 4-7 years’ experience managing residential HUD, Sec 8, LIHTC, and/or Condominium (Boards) Properties.
REAC Inspections Experience
REAL Inspections (R/S, R/C, ECB, DOB and DHC)
English and Spanish (Preferred)
RAM, COS, LITHC & CMM Certification preferred
YARDI Property Management Software, intermediate
Standard Microsoft Office & Internet
Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Below are a list the job's essential or most important functions and responsibilities. Include all important aspects of the job -- whether performed daily, weekly, monthly, or annually; and any that occur at irregular intervals.
  • Daily walk through of assigned properties
  • Performance of weekly inspections and submission of reports of inspection
  • Review and approval of weekly payroll sheets for assigned staff
  • 24-hour On call in case of an emergency to assigned buildings
  • Analysis and resolution of resident complaints
  • Immediately compose and process work orders made by tenants, supers, and as needed
  • Monitor work tickets issued, work order completion, and vendor payment if completed externally
  • Review resident’s Accounts Receivable / follow up on problem cases
  • Monitor vacant unit turn around (repair, rental, leasing, move in, etc.) and progress
  • Review and approve vendor/contractor invoices
  • Coordinate with the legal representative all landlord / tenant issues
  • Appear in housing court
  • Supervision of onsite staff
  • Ensure all information in Yardi is accurate and up to date for all tenants and properties
  • Ensure all properties and leases are properly registered, reviewed, and approved
  • Participate in REAC / on site MOR inspections
  • Respond to agency audits
*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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