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Casa Promesa Nursing Home

Staffing Coordinator  Bronx, NY  : 2/12/2021
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Casa Promesa Nursing Home

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Full Time Union


Under the supervision of the Nursing Director, the Scheduling Coordinator plays a key role in the overall operations of the Nursing Department, especially staff scheduling and payroll preparation. The scheduling coordinator will develop staff schedules to ensure the facility is adequately staffed.  This person will file and track all education and training documents. Will perform data entry in ADP to assist in the management of time/attendance and payroll, which will aid the organization in preparing biweekly payroll. Will performs other clerical/administrative duties as assigned by the administrative team. Salary is: $48,462.29/annually. This is an 1199 union posiiton.

  • Responsible for the daily management and supervision of the Nursing Department Scheduling.  
  • Within prescribed time frame, prepares and posts the daily and monthly work schedules.
  • Exhausts all available internal resources to fill “holes or gaps” in the schedule by contacting all PRN employees, increasing work hours of part-time employees, asking full-time employees to work additional shifts, All must be preapproved by the Director of Nursing.    
  • Schedules overtime only when necessary to meet staffing and resident care needs and avoid external agency usage. 
  • Must get prior approval for all overtime.
  • Scheduling Coordinator must ensure a fair process when assigning overtime with supporting documentation.
  • Maintains regular communication with supervisor regarding scheduling problems such as consistent overtime, vacant shifts, and mis-scans.
  • Maintains regular communication with Managers and supervisor regarding staff requests and approvals to change employment classification. 
  • In response to census changes and as directed by the Director of Nursing, adjusts nursing work schedules to ensure staffing is appropriate to census levels and to meet resident needs.  
  • Reviews payroll time records for nursing department to help ensure accuracy time worked.
  • Manages the credentialing and education files of all Nursing Department personnel, which includes Prometrics.
  • Inputs all payroll data for nursing department including approved vacation time, sick time, holiday pay and other benefit time. 
  • Schedules newly hired nursing staff for new employee on-the-job “floor” orientation and training in coordination with the Director of Nursing.  
  • Tracks absenteeism and tardiness for the Nursing Department and advises the Nursing Director of any personnel who are outside of the time and attendance guidelines.
  • Manages the Kronos Scheduling system.
Specific Duties:
  • Scheduling Coordinator must provide administrative support to the Nursing Department or any other areas as assigned by the leadership team.
  • The monthly staff schedule will be posted 2 weeks before it starts .
  • Scheduling Coordinator must have a 90 day master schedule prepared at all times.
  •  Prepares at least 14 days of daily staffing sheets.
  •  Prepares biweekly payroll utilizing the ADP data base.
  • Review time sheets in ADP in preparation for final sign off by DON or designee.
  • If an employee has a mis-punch, a missed scan form must be completed.
  • If employees work overtime, an extra time sheet approval form must be completed.
  • If an employee is new and has not been added to ADP, a Bi-Weekly Time Sheet must be used until the person is in ADP.
  • Alert Nursing Department leaders to any staffing issues/concerns immediately.
  • Ensures daily staffing sheets are balanced, so that staffing is adequate and overtime is minimized/averted.
  • Ensures master schedule and daily staffing sheets match.
  • Abides by all 1199 guidelines when managing time and attendance.
  • Presents all overtime requests to the Director of Nursing or designee for final approval.
  • Orders supplies and equipment as needed for Scheduling Coordinator office.
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings, safety meetings, and any other meeting pertaining to the role of scheduling coordinator.
  • Partners with the Nursing Managers and Nursing Supervisor to facilitate optimum staffing on all units.
  • Will not participate in the distribution of Checks unless instructed by administration.
  • Will clock in/out on time. If there is a need to stay over, will get permission from the Director of Nursing or designee.
  • Will treat Casa Promesa personnel with dignity and respect.
  • The Scheduling Coordinator will communicate in a professional tone at all times.
  • Abides by the organizations dress code policy
  • Will instruct staff to go to their Nurse Managers for all schedule changes and requests for time off.
  • Staff who request a schedule change with another peer must present it in writing to their Nurse Manager and it can’t generate overtime.
  • When the Scheduling Coordinator is scheduled for time off, he/she will have a meeting with nursing leadership to review the master schedule and daily staffing sheets for 14 days.
  • In the event of inclement weather or a disaster, the Scheduling Coordinator will remain in-house until cleared to leave.

  • Strong computer skills including learning new software programs as well as excel and other MS Office applications.
  • Experience scheduling staff for a 24 hour operation, preferably in healthcare.
  • Excellent customer service including telephone etiquette. 
  • The ability to build strong relationships with staff to ensure coverage for call in's and understaffed units
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to be flexible and innovative when challenged with staffing issues.
  • Associate’s Degree required- Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Bilingual preferred (English/Spanish)
  • Current Infection Control certification (approved by NYS, valid for 4 years, 4.0 hours).
  • Current Basic Life Support Certification.
*Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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