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Ruth Fernandez

Director of Social Services (Ruth Fernandez)  Bronx, NY  : 9/17/2020
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Ruth Fernandez

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Full Time


The Director Social Services ensures quality care and oversees Clinical and Social Services functions of the shelter according to HPD regulatory and accreditation requirements. This individual is responsible for the oversight and implementation of care and resources for the purpose of meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of clients. The Director of Social Services provides supervision to the Intake Services and Case Management Teams and works with the Program Director to develop, implement, track, report, and evaluate measurable outcomes.
Annual Salary $54,999.85 / Monday thru Friday / 9am – 5pm
KEY ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                                                     
  • Assist the Program Director with the administration of the program
  • Oversee the day to day operations of the program
  • Delegate and monitor client-related operational responsibilities, as appropriate, to Intake and Case Management team members
  • Oversee the assessment of clients upon admission, change of condition and review and update care plans
  • Facilitate interdepartmental communication and conduct staff meetings
  • Attend meetings with funders or outside agencies
  • Connect with  community leaders to build connections, gain support and troubleshoot issues/concerns
  • Report all significant (i.e. Funder) events, and monitoring events to the Program Director
  • Liaison with medical staff and psychiatric providers (both internal and external) to ensure appropriate service delivery for clients
  • Liaise with HPD Intake Centers and HPD Management
  • Develop and implement a system to ensure that clients maintain their medication compliance on a weekly basis
  • Develop program content to address client needs related to housing, substance abuse treatment, mental health, and employment
  • Plan and organize program activities to maximize program contract and performance goals as outlined in HPD Performance Incentive Plans
  • Maintaining compliance with all organizational policies and legal regulations, by ensuring meticulous documentation of all activities in the department.
  • Review analysis of program and demographic client data to make program improvements
  • Communicate with peers at other Acacia Network Shelters on issues related to client progress and best practices
  • Set realistic weekly and monthly performance goals in accordance with contract requirements with reporting staff
  • Ensure housing and performance outcomes are met on a monthly/ quarterly/ annual basis
  • Monitor and track clients housing placements and Individual Service Plans
  • Conduct periodic internal file reviews and implement Quality Assurance measures as needed to ensure quality service delivery to clients (i.e. address and investigate client complaints)
  • Conduct and document one-on-one supervision of direct reporting staff to assess and improve work performance (i.e. identify training needs, professional development, etc.)
  • Develop and implement crisis prevention/or intervention strategies to ensure a safe and secure environment
  • Organize onsite and offsite training opportunities for professional development of staff
  • Troubleshoot client and direct reporting staff program problems, and make decisions in accordance with program policies, procedures, and protocols
  • Review and sign all time sheets
  • Complete incident reports
  • Report all incidents that may subject Acacia Network to liability to the Program Director
  • Performs other duties assigned by the Program Director
  • Master's Degree in Social Work or related field, required
  • (5+) years of experience with homeless population or special needs population (mental illness, substance abuse, HIV, etc…) preferred
  • Shelter experience; familiarity with ACS and DV protocols required
  • Three (3+) years must be in a managerial position
  • Successful completion of SIFI (Seminar in Field Instruction) preferred
  • Professional experience or desire to work with homeless and other underserved populations and communities. 
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish), preferred
    *Acacia Network is an equal opportunity employer*

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