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Behavioral Health (Promesa)

Certified Nursing Assistant  ,   : 5/9/2019
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Behavioral Health (Promesa)

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Full Time


Acacia Network, the leading Latino integrated care nonprofit in the nation, offers the community, from children to seniors, a pathway to behavioral and primary healthcare, housing, and empowerment. We are visionary leaders transforming the triple aim of high quality, great experience at a lower cost. Acacia champions a collaborative environment to deliver vital health, housing and community building services, work we have been doing since 1969. By hiring talented individuals like you, we’ve been able to expand quickly, with offices in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Orlando, Tennessee, Maryland and Puerto Rico. 
We are seeking a CNA that is a member of Nursing Team who is responsible for performing assignments as delegated by a licensed Nurse.  All assignments are performed under the supervision of an RN or LPN, in compliance with facility policy/procedure, within the scope of the CNA’s responsibility to provide safe care.
Responsibilities consist of but not limited to:
  • Bathes residents in the tub, shower, bed, at sink, etc. as directed by licensed nurse and appropriate to situation.  Bathing can include hair shampoos, fingernail care/trimming, and shaving.
  • Assists in meal/nutrition/hydration related activities including, but not limited to:
  • Seating resident in dining room
  • Distributing meal trays to residents in their room and assisting residents with their trays in the dining room.
  • Feeds, and/or helps resident to prepare tray and feed themselves, reports tray errors and/or need to obtain substitute meal items.
  • Observes and records amount of meal consumed.
  • Offers and provides fluids (e.g. water, juices, tea, coffee, etc).
  • Offers and provides snacks/nourishments.
  • Reports any changes in appetite, ability to consume food/fluid.
  • Weighs residents, records weight, and reports significant changes to licensed nurse.
  • Assists resident in toileting needs, including but not limited to:
  • Taking to toilet
  • Placing and removing bedpan
  • Participating in bowel/bladder training or retraining program
  • Changing incontinent briefs
  • Changing urinary drainage/leg bags when directed
  • Changing/applying colostomy bags if needed
  • Applying/removing urosheath (condom catheter) if needed
  • Reporting any changes in bowel/bladder patterns or habits
  • Administers enemas as directed (Fleets, SSE, TWE).
  • Assists resident with grooming activities which include but are not limited to:
  • Dressing
  • Hair combing/brushing
  • Shaving
  • Application of make-up
  • Participates in maintaining the Environment of Care by:
  • Reporting safety hazards and removing overt hazards
  • Reporting any resident incidents, accidents, falls
  • Responding to fire and/or disaster alarms
  • Maintaining the residents room area by bed making, tidying drawers and closets, helping residents to place personal items such as photographs, etc. in the place they would like
  • Checking call bells for functioning, reporting malfunctions, leaving call bells within reach of the resident if needed, and responding to call bells in a timely manner
  • Ensuring that beds are left in a safe, low position after resident care or bed-making
  • Participates in the management of clothing for residents which includes but are not limited to:
  • Reporting clothing needs
  • Reporting need for clothing repair
  • Arranging for and/or assisting with residents’ use of the washer and dryer on the unit
  • Performs sanitizing and safety precaution procedures required for on unit washer and dryer
  • Participates in the surveillance, prevention and control of infection by:
  • Adhering to Infection Control Policies and Procedures
  • Obtaining specimens and transporting to lab as directed
  • Measuring and recording vital signs (BP, T, P, R) and reporting any abnormalities
  • Participates in the Continuum of Care and the Education of residents by:
  • Assisting with all modes of ambulation and/or wheelchair propulsion, teaching residents proper techniques as directed
  • Applying/removing assistive devices as needed
  • Performing range of motion as directed
  • Assisting with/facilitating other exercise programs on the unit as directed
  • Applying specialized feeding techniques as/when directed
  • Interacting with residents and communicating their expressed concerns
  • Applying/adjusting for comfort supplemental gas delivery apparatus (oxygen face mask or nasal prongs)
  • Attending scheduled meetings and In-service Education programs
  • Transports and transfers residents as required.  This includes transfers from surface to surface (e.g. bed to chair) as well as transporting from place to place within and outside the facility
  • Uses lifting equipment when appropriate,
  • Transports bodies to the morgue as directed.
  • Monitors resident skin condition:
  • Reports changes in skin condition to licensed nurse,
  • Ensures proper positioning of resident to prevent/minimize skin breakdown
  • Adheres to incontinence care programs (i.e. frequent brief changing, toileting, perineal cleansing, etc).
  • Performs documentation as required on unit logs/records and resident medical records as required.
  • Maintains a clean work area, i.e.: utility rooms, treatment room, pantry, nurses’ station, staff lounge, etc.
  • Takes an interest in the residents’ involvement with activities and assists with recreational activities.
  • Assists with admission and discharge activities.
  • Accounts for linen and helps keep linen area neat and orderly.
  • Reports to unit nurse when unit supplies need to be replenished.
  • Complies with departmental policies regarding attendance, work schedules, and dress code.
  • Attends ongoing educating programs to include at least 6 hours of in-service education every six months. 
  • Performs other assigned tasks as necessary/directed.
Education/ License:
  • HS Diploma/GED
  • NYS Certification as a Nursing Assistant
  • BLS/CPR certification is required. 
  • Infection Control Certification (approved by NYSED or NYSDOH, 3.0-4.0 Hours)
We offer to the chosen candidate a generous compensation package!
*Acacia network is an Equal Opportunity Employer*

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