Join Tharp Plumbing, where we proudly serve as Florida's Purveyors of Fine Plumbing. With a legacy of over 47 years in the industry, we're expanding our team and seeking individuals who are dedicated, top-performing craftsmen, field leaders, and management support professionals. If you have the skills, work ethic, and commitment to delivering quality plumbing solutions consistently, safely, and on time, we want you to be a part of our dynamic company. At Tharp Plumbing, we're in pursuit of the "best of the best" in plumbing. If you're ready to elevate your plumbing career to its fullest potential, take the next step and apply today! Your journey to success begins here.

Working at Tharp Plumbing means being part of a team that prioritizes building careers over filling jobs, resulting in a high retention rate and job security. The company offers a steady flow of meaningful work, and regular team meetings promote open communication and camaraderie. Tharp Plumbing's hallmark is its meticulous approach to every project, constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs while upholding high standards. They leave no room for exceptions in their commitment to attention to detail and professionalism. Tharp Plumbing is always eager to establish new relationships and welcomes opportunities across various plumbing projects, ensuring a dedication to excellence and adaptability.

Working at Tharp Plumbing comes with a host of perks and benefits. We're committed to ongoing training programs to help you grow professionally. We also believe in celebrating our team with fun events like trips to local theme parks and fishing outings, as well as festive holiday parties. we're proud to offer our unique bonus program that is tied to project completion, known as our Purveyors Incentive (PI). It's our way of sharing a piece of the pie with our dedicated employees, acknowledging their hard work and contributions to our success. Plus, our President's longevity club recognizes those with an average of over 10 years of service, with milestone rewards like custom company rings that adorned with diamonds at important milestones, and a 25 year anniversary trip to Hawaii. Join our team for these exciting benefits and more.

At Tharp Plumbing, we are dedicated to investing in the future and growth of our team. Following a successful initial 90-day period, employees have the opportunity to join Tharp Academy, our Florida state-certified apprenticeship program. This program adheres to the industry's leading trade curriculum, enabling our employees to achieve NCCER accreditation. We are committed to supporting individuals who are eager to advance their careers and attain their personal and professional goals through this comprehensive training program. Your success is our priority.