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Operating Partner  Remote, FL  Posted: 6/14/2024
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Elevation Capital - is a group of internationally impactful companies spanning consumer packaged goods, hospitality, technology, real estate, non-profit, and venture funding. Run by a highly entrepreneurial self made founder, and a team of highly capable executives across business units, the business operates globally with interests in US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. With wholly owned companies in a range of growth stages and an ever expanding investment portfolio, this group jointly serves a global vision to create an evolved world where humanity serves our highest purpose. Our mission is to create and deploy capital for a better world.


As  an operating partner in our growing private equity group, you will be managing a diversified portfolio of investments, including both wholly owned operational companies in manufacturing, technology,  real estate, private equity, and venture capital. Our primary focus is on generating sustainable long-term returns while also making a positive impact on society.

You will be the right hand operating partner to our incredibly driven and entrepreneurial founder and CEO.  You will bring your own entrepreneurial energy, excitement and drive to oversee the operations of our PE group  and drive results in our operating companies. Operating in a complex, fast moving, and very ambitious environment, you will lead a number of functions and will balance the requirement to be very hands on, but also be highly strategic while attracting, deploying, retaining top talent and invigorating both corporate strategy and structure.

In this long term growth focused role, you will manage hands on, activities including investment, M&A, legal,  tax and finance, and help acquire and lead operating unit presidents in wholly owned businesses to develop and execute strategic planning, budgeting, strategic delivery, profitability, cash flow, and ultimately, realized value. With a blend of operating  and strategic focus you will plan over the horizon and will align and bring to reality, the long term vision of our founder, while organizing all elements of the operational structure. 

You will also lead M&A activities driving the thinking and strategy for what businesses we acquire and divest and work with powerful internal and external teams to conceptualize, structure and achieve lucrative exits and capital events for portfolio companies.

Finally, you will also assist in management and oversight of our wealth management advisors and oversee risk management and efficiency in complex multi-jurisdictional global tax structures in a highly efficient and effective manner. 


Brilliant. You are incredibly intelligent; you know it and so do the people around you, yet you maintain a strong sense of humility that allows you to be a very effective team player and leader of other brilliant and ambitious people. You move fast, challenge greatness, and play the chess game many moves ahead.  

Relentless. You have deep internal motivation to win and build wealth for the group you represent and yourself. You have a clear track record of perseverance and accomplishment under difficult circumstances. You are at a place in your life where you are prepared to dedicate yourself to your work and you are ready to build something meaningful on a global scale. 

Visionary:  You see the future and you create it. In your highly connected and highly trusted relationships with all stakeholders, you are a credible and informed beacon for opportunity and possibility. Where others see impossibility, you see massive opportunity, and can articulate it in a highly credible and compelling way. 

Organized: You are very organized, system and process driven  and can multitask between roles and companies in an organized fashion including a history of working effectively and efficiently in various environments. 

Leader: You have a natural style of leadership that attracts highly talented people and inspires them to find, hold and conquer mountains, as a team.  You have a strength in talent acquisition and a group of people that follow you to where you go, are a great judge of talent, and are a strong force for creating an unstoppable winning culture.   

Strategic: You can factor many variables in complex situations and know how to apply powerful tools such as public opinion, lobbying, key relationships, litigation, financials analysis, and highly engaged strategic partners to make the impossible possible.

Experienced: Your experience has prepared you for every element of this job and you have deep knowledge of the various required knowledge areas, but also the ability to achieve through others managing growth in a complex high value environment. 

Job Requirements



  • Set the 12 - 24 month look ahead for our PE group, mapping out the quarterly and annual financial and operational goals to drive performance and growth, managing the team to successful completion.

  • Organize, align and drive cross portfolio strategic planning and budgets. 

  • Review and drive business budgets and cash flow and maximize short, medium and long term profitability. 

  • Lead the organizational human capital development strategy  across  the portfolio including talent acquisition, high performance culture and driving goal delivery though business unit and functional leaders.

  • Work with business unit leaders to develop liquidity strategies and drive execution to create exponential business value through inside and outside resources.

  • Oversight and  leadership of the legal structure, transaction and compliance elements of the group level structure.

  • Work with inside and outside resources to manage the 3rd party investment portfolio for balance security and return.   

  • Oversee and advance the global tax structure, including a large number of operating and holding companies across multiple international jurisdictions.

  • Organize and coordinate investment board and business unit advisory boards and support integration of business unit leader vision with vision, experience, connections and capability of boards. 

  • Manage the current land development projects, evaluating the current development plans, optimizing and challenging budgets and timelines building successful and exponential value in complex markets. 

  • Provide frequent and detailed updates to principal and prepare and deliver the monthly board reporting package. 

  • Set and manage the overall budget and strategy, acquiring and  leading a team of senior functional area professionals to adhere to objectives while delivering exemplary service to principals on a global scale. 


  • 10 + years Experience in a Private Equity environment with ownership and direct hands on management of diverse companies including strategic planning, global operations, multi organizational budgets, and managing c level executives including operating unit presidents. 

  • +10  years with overseeing the budgets and projects across various portfolio businesses including CPG, Technology, and  land development ensuring they stay on track and optimizing costs where possible.

  • +5 years in complex international tax structures including planning, execution, and delivery, ideally for a global resident principal. 

  • Running or overseeing organization wide talent acquisition including deep hands on experience in building and leading senior teams 

  • Experience working with and reporting directly to fast paced hard charging UHNW first gen founder.

  • Overseeing total AUM or Business portfolio value of 250M+ 

  • M&A experience both acquiring business and operating and exiting existing businesses.

  • Current or past leadership or oversight of the legal function of a group related structure utilizing internal general counsel and specialized external resources.

  • Managing money across portfolios for consistent and secure long term value. 

  • Experience building and managing boards that deliver value to the PE group and operating companies. 

  • Previous experience and a willingness to oversee a service oriented component of the PE group. 

  • Project portfolio management skills, Gantt charts, pert, timelines, official project management and project portfolio management experience.

  • Expert proficiency in Microsoft O365, G Suite, MAC, et al., and implementing technology to make the team more efficient and effective.

  • Emotionally grounded: strong EQ (emotional intelligence) and emotional control; knows how to manage varying personalities and environments; hustle mentality with strong endurance but is self-managing with their time. 

  • Strong verifiable track record of the above through CEO/founder/principal references. 


This role is a business partner level role. You will be compensated with a strong base, and an aggressive bonus plan based on profitability, positive cash flow and growth. You will receive options in companies across the operating portfolio including, in companies, with highly lucrative near term exit objectives. 


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