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President (Regulated CPG) / Remote  Remote, NY  Posted: 4/10/2024
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Elevation Capital - Venture Capital & Private Equity is a group of internationally impactful companies spanning consumer packaged goods, technology, real estate, non-profit, and venture funding. With team members and markets in the US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, this group jointly serves a global vision to create an evolved world where humanity serves our highest purpose. Our mission is to create and deploy capital for a better world.  


This key leadership role is in a high-growth, high-energy, high-profit portfolio company of big thinkers and big doers. It is a CPG / beverage / dietary supplement company with a history of strong profitable growth as the number one product and brand in its emerging category.   Through its expanding sales and distribution network, we are building a team to take current and new products to the global market and achieve exponential growth. With the leadership team formed, the opportunity is now to define and refine the cross functional integrated strategy and lead the team to grow revenue 2-5x in under 24 months, while maintaining profit, and ultimately executing a strategic sale of the business.   


As the President of this privately owned, highly profitable, rapidly growing business you will be the key operating and strategic partner with the multi-business / fund level founder as we scale to $500m+.  Must have extensive, proven exponential revenue growth experience.  Together, you will align on multi-year brand strategies and exit plans while managing and leading all elements of the businesses. Your primary goal will be to maintain and accelerate rapid growth, navigating an emerging regulatory framework, building strong engaging brands, expanding distribution, and executing a world class exit strategy, all while maintaining industry-leading profitability. Operating as a subsidiary of a group of companies, you will lead in an integrated but fully empowered hands-on manner as a business unit lead. 

You will align strategy with the founder, manage all members of the leadership team, maintain full P&L responsibility, drive definition, implementation, and success of the strategic plan.  Primary revenue growth will be achieved through expansion of POD and VPO in U.S. convenience, developing and successfully launching innovation and aggressively expanding Ecommerce operations. Additional growth strategies will include expanding into other channels of trade and global expansion. Supported by a progressive vision and regulatory compliance model in a rapidly growing category, the company has a strong inventory of innovation assets and unique brands. Commercialization of innovative ideas will be a significant part of this role. 

In this role you will lead in a complex, fast moving, aggressive and ambitious environment and balance the requirement for this role to be hands-on, but also highly strategic. You will be responsible for attracting, deploying, retaining, and invigorating incredibly talented leadership across the company. Moreover, you will work with business leadership to oversee multiple projects including strategic quarterly planning and performance management goals for all staff. You will lead the talent function to source people to meet strategic requirements.

The company's pace of work is blazing fast with a highly experienced and driven executive team, a deeply passionate founder, and a monthly growth rate in the double digits. This is an all-in-for-the-win opportunity. 


Visionary Implementer - You can envision exponential growth and have a keen ability to organize leaders and ideas to form winning strategies that you can disseminate and deploy in a highly credible, engaging, and effective way, while aligning to the founder's vision.

Seasoned - You have been there, done that. You have a strong record of accomplishment in relevant industries, have a long history of building businesses, working with entrepreneurial founders, managing the P&L, and crafting breakthrough strategies for profitable growth.

Leader - You have a natural style of leadership that attracts highly talented people and inspires them to find, hold and conquer mountains, as a team.  You have a strength in talent acquisition and a group of people that follow your path, are a great judge of talent, and are a strong force for creating an unstoppable winning culture.   

Ambitious - You are competitive and highly driven for success and are at a point in your career where you can throw yourself into your work in an aggressive and highly productive manner. You think fast, move fast, and grow the business rapidly. You love the word impossible.   

Systematic - You are a technically adept systems thinker who operates in a detailed and documented manner. Building with continual process innovation, you set up controls, systems, and teams to support efficient and effective growth.  

Powerfully Humble - You know you are great at what you do, and lead with humility, continually focusing on your learning and development, and recognizing and celebrating the gifts and accomplishments of others. Leadership is a responsibility to you, and you lead, collaborate and follow, with an attitude of service. 


  • Collaborate with the founder to develop a multi-year business strategy, maximizing growth, profitability, and value creation, leading the company to a large strategic exit

  • Collaborate with the founder and leadership team to develop a multi-year business strategy, including 100% profitable growth, value creation and  leading the company to a large strategic exit.

  • Oversee, expand, and execute the strategic planning framework, objectives, and performance management system. This includes creating, implementing, and tracking quarterly, annual, and multi-year strategic plans, collaboration with the Founder and Executive Team

  • Develop a compelling commercial strategy, advancing convenience dominance and expanding to new channels by opening high-performing PODS and increasing company marketing programs aggressively

  • Drive revenue growth through POD and VPO expansion in U.S. convenience and global channels while aggressively expanding Ecommerce operations, all supported by a progressive vision and regulatory compliance model

  • Develop, maintain, and embed cohesive organizational-wide understanding, alignment, and mobilization to a shared vision and strategy

  • Attract, deploy, retain, and invigorate talented leadership across the company, rapidly acquiring required personnel to meet strategic requirements

  • Manage the P&L to grow Revenue, EBIT & Cash Flow, driving industry-leading profitability

  • Review and analyze investment areas, selecting and successfully implementing high-reward opportunities

  • Work with legal, regulatory, science and commercial teams to develop frameworks for consumer safety in our emerging category and align commercial and compliance processes to maximize sustainable competitive advantage

  • Lead cross-functional projects such as global expansion, new product development, and regulatory risk-reward analysis

  • Set the tone and pace of the org., leading meetings, and overseeing projects

Job Requirements


  • 10+ years experience as CEO, COO or President in a company growing from 200m+ to 500m+ Revenue

  • 10+ years experience in US CPG regulated category

  • 10+ years of P&L responsibility

  • Extensive consumable  CPG experience in U.S. convenience, with demonstrable history of success in US multi channel strategic planning and strategic implementation achieving exponential breakout growth through  growing POD and VPO profitability

  • Previous hyper-growth company experience >5% per month, 100% per year, building the leadership teams to make the growth possible

  • Experience and clear skill set for navigating Founder/CEO and President/ COO relationship balance

  • Experience growing and leading companies to a strategic exit/divestiture. 

  • Track record of and framework for establishing, maintaining, and increasing industry leading profitability 

  • Strong references from founders that attest to your leadership, integrity, accountability, and ability to align and build trust.

  • Strong desire to make a positive difference and make the world a better place

  • A demonstrable high level of skill in people management and rapid best in class talent acquisition at rapid pace  

  • Extensive experience with leading and advancing strategy and linking with operational systems (EOS, Scaling Up, Rockefeller Habits)

  • High work ethic and ability to put in 55-60 hours per week and travel and/or engage as needed with founders and other business partners.

  • Highly technically adept and able to use, manage, and lead systems innovation in a digital system supported environment e.g. unlocking efficiency with ERP, MRP, Integrated metrics dashboards

  • High level of emotional resiliency and clear ability to lead with control and confidence in a fast-paced and results-oriented environment

  • Strong capability of leading at a distance and remote environment

  • Ability to balance high-level strategy with being hands-on

  • Extraordinarily strong drive to get the job done, with a high level of self-motivation 

Preference will be shown to candidates who have:  

  • MBA or business equivalent degree  

  • Experience in highly regulated space (Beverage,  Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Vape, Tobacco, etc.)  

  • Significant leadership in rapid growth Ecommerce business environment  

  • Experience with global CPG market expansion programs.  

  • Previous leadership experience leading/closely supporting strategic exit of business.  


As a key collaborator and leader within our organization, your strategic efforts will be acknowledged and incentivized. You'll receive a competitive base salary along with an engaging bonus structure, carefully crafted to mirror your influence on profitability, cash flow, and company growth. In addition to financial rewards, you'll be offered premium stock options positioned for significant gains, in alignment with our ambitious short-term exit plans. This opportunity presents the potential for long term wealth generation


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