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CEO - Evolve Biologix  Remote, NY  : 3/8/2024
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Executive Office

CEO - Evolve Biologix


Elevation Capital - is a group of internationally impactful companies spanning consumer packaged goods, hospitality, technology, real estate, non-profit, and venture funding. Run by a highly entrepreneurial self made founder, and a team of highly capable executives across business units, the business operates globally with interests in US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. With wholly owned companies in a range of growth stages and an ever expanding investment portfolio, this group jointly serves a global vision to create an evolved world where humanity serves our highest purpose. Our mission is to create and deploy capital for a better world.


Emerging from Elevation Capital innovation portfolio and the vision and incredible experiences  of our founder,  is a pioneering technology startup at the forefront of biometric monitoring, machine learning, and artificial intelligence integration, applied  to effect tangible and meaningful change in the world. In an era marked by escalating concerns around Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), opioid misuse, rising suicide rates, and the uncertain future of post-work economy-trends indicating a dire need for solutions-our mission gains critical relevance. These issues underscore a broader crisis in well-being, highlighting the paramount importance of emotional health and consciousness in the human experience. As a fully funded entity, our core mission is simple yet profound: to enable individuals to lead their most fulfilling lives. By bridging the latest technological innovations with the intricacies of human biology and human psychology, the digital therapeutic innovations of Evolve Biologix stand as a beacon of hope and transformation. 

As CEO of Evolve Biologix, you will be instrumental in bringing the company's vision to life.  Integrating mindfulness and emotional intelligence into daily life through cutting-edge wearable technology. You will leverage your extensive experience in AI to enhance the company's offerings in providing real-time biofeedback, helping users understand and manage their emotional and physiological states.  You will be at the forefront of product development, business strategy, and building a team of leaders to make it all happen. This role demands a unique blend of analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, and a profound grasp of how consciousness levels affect personal and organizational development.

We are looking for a world-class candidate who through their technical expertise and creative mindset  will build, launch, scale, grow and lead. The candidate must have a significant / expert level experience in the methodological nuances of modern techniques in mobile software development, hardware development, advanced human psychology, and artificial intelligence including a solid understanding of LLM's conversational object oriented AI and human consciousness related algorithms and machine learning. Your expertise will be crucial for enhancing our products, offering users instantaneous biofeedback to better comprehend and regulate their emotional and physiological states. This initiative 5 years in research and development,  not only is the best of startup culture but is also the brainchild of a profoundly established group that has significantly impacted the lives over 100 million customers through existing products in wholly owned businesses. With the inception of this revolutionary technology, Evolve Biologix is set to influence billions, embodying a monumental leap towards enhancing human well-being amidst growing concerns over mental health and the evolving post-work economy.


Brilliant. You are incredibly intelligent; you know it and so do the people around you, yet you maintain a strong sense of humility that allows you to be a very effective team player and leader of other brilliant and ambitious people.  You are skilled at divergent cross discipline thinking, you move fast, challenge greatness, and play the chess game many moves ahead.  

Leader: You have a natural style of leadership that attracts highly talented people and inspires them to find, hold and conquer mountains, as a team.  You have a strength in talent acquisition and a group of people that follow you to where you go, are a great judge of talent, and are a strong force for creating an unstoppable winning culture.   

Relentless. You have deep internal motivation to win and build wealth for the family you represent and yourself. You have a clear track record of perseverance and accomplishment under difficult circumstances. You are at a place in your life where you are prepared to dedicate yourself to your work and you are ready to build something meaningful on a global scale. 

Organized: You are very organized, system and process driven  and can multitask between roles and companies in an organized fashion including a history of working effectively and efficiently in various environments. 

Strategic: You can factor many variables in complex situations and know how to apply powerful tools such as public opinion, lobbying, key relationships, litigation, financials analysis, and highly engaged strategic partners to make the impossible possible.


  • Develop and implement a long-term strategic vision and business plan for Evolve Biologix, focusing on leveraging AI in the wearable tech / digital therapeutic space.

  • Work with founder and group level  executive to organize, update, and execute that vision 

  • Build a team of cross discipline professionals to innovate, develop various products in hardware and software and advance through market stages and phases 

  • Hands of development or prototypes and leading dev and product team 

  • Refine and expand business plan and work with outside parties to expand funding as required 

  • Work with team to build psychological intervention models 

  • Develop conversational AI models which secure therapeutic alliance and meaningful impact

  • Develop and lead a high-level AI strategy for pioneering wearable tech applications in emotional intelligence and well-being.

  • Position Evolve Biologix as a global leader in AI-integrated wearable / active sensing technology and expand into new international markets.

  • Spearhead AI and wearable technology research initiatives, and drive the development of patentable technologies.

  • Conduct workshops and training sessions on consciousness development and its impact on professional and personal success.

  • Oversea day to day operations, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and adherence to industry standards.

  • Cultivate strategic partnerships with tech giants, healthcare institutions, and wellness communities.

  • Ensure sustainable growth with a focus on ethical AI practices, data privacy, and security.

  • Engage deeply with customers to understand their holistic well-being needs for product development.

  • Proficiency in leading AI development teams in  languages like Python, R, or Java, and experience with AI frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch.

  • Lead the company from its infancy through stages of hyper-growth, positioning it as a market leader in AI-integrated wearable technology

  • Drive revenue growth and profitability, aiming to scale the company to a billion-dollar valuation.

  • Ensure products meet the highest standards of quality, usability, and innovation.

  • Build, mentor, and lead a high-performing executive team.

  • Foster a collaborative environment that attracts, retains, and develops top talent.

  • Communicate effectively with the Board of Directors, providing regular updates on company performance and strategic direction.

  • Engage with customers and users to understand their needs and incorporate feedback into product development.

Aptitudes Requises



  • 15+  years of strategic leadership in the tech industry, with a focus on AI and wearable technology.

  • 10+'years leadership Experience in health tech / digital therapeutics  with behavioral change psychology and components 

  • Deep understanding of human psychology and development including behavior loops (bj fogg work language) psychology of human performance and change 

  • 5+ years using AI and machine learning in developing meaning from human rhythmic and behavioral data and using it to change human behavior 

  • Strong understanding internet space of human consciousness research including quantum brain work the the concepts of post-materialism based on the more abstract observations of mind material interactions

  • Experience being CEO with a founder 

  • Experience raising capital 

  • Experience developing wearable hardware for bio rhythm detection. 

  • 10+ years hands on experience in design and developing software architecture with small teams,  in mobile and cloud environments 

  • 10 years plus building leadership teams 

  • Strong capability to be hands on 

  • Over Demonstrated success in scaling tech startups, with a clear track record of business growth.

  • Visionary leader, passionate about pioneering change, equipped with the skills and experience to drive the company forward in revolutionizing how people interact with technology to enhance emotional wellness and mindfulness

  • Deep understanding of the impact of emotional and physiological states on personal growth and how technology can aid in managing these states.

  • Familiarity with the latest research and methodologies in the field of consciousness studies, and how they can be applied to improve both individual and organizational performance.

  • Proven expertise in Large Language Models (LLM's) and Large Action Models ( LAM's)

  • Knowledge of wearable technology protocols like Bluetooth, NFC, and IoT standards.

  • Exceptional leadership and communication skills, capable of building and maintaining high-performance teams.

  • Demonstrable experience in leading edge AI technologies like deep learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

  • Proven ability to navigate complex regulatory environments, particularly in health and technology sectors.

  • Experience in guiding a company through IPO or significant private funding rounds.

  • Emotionally grounded: strong EQ (emotional intelligence) and emotional control; knows how to manage varying personalities and environments; hustle mentality with strong endurance but is self-managing with their time. 

  • Strong verifiable track record of the above through CEO/founder/principal references. 


You will be compensated with a strong base, and an aggressive bonus plan based on profitability, positive cash flow and growth. In addition you will receive attractive options in the Evolve Business.


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