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Director of Operations & Finance, Family Office  ,   Posted: 12/9/2023
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Director of Operations & Finance, Family Office -  Canada 


Elevation Capital - Founder driven Venture Capital & Private Equity is a group of internationally impactful companies spanning consumer packaged goods, hospitality, technology, non-profit, and venture funding. With staff and markets in the US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, this group jointly serves a global vision to create an evolved world where humanity serves our highest purpose. Our mission is to create and deploy capital for a better world.


In this role you will join our growing family office, managing a diversified portfolio of investments across multiple asset classes, including real estate, private equity, and venture capital. Our primary focus is on generating sustainable long-term returns while also making a positive impact on society.

As the Director of Operations & Finance, Family Office  you will report to the Group CFO and serve as the right hand operating partner to our incredibly driven and entrepreneurial founder and CEO.  You will bring your own entrepreneurial energy, excited and driven to manage the financial affairs and operational efficiency of our family office. You will oversee financial planning and analysis, budget and expense management, investment management, compliance, and day-to-day global operations of the business group and family, ensuring the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality. This is a unique opportunity to work closely with our principal and contribute to the long-term financial sustainability of our family office.

In this long term growth focused role, you will be responsible for overseeing the family office structure with a financial and strategic eye. You will play  a pivotal role in upholding the financial integrity of our operations and managing a variety of projects from new construction build, to global relocation to working with wealth managers to build long term secure value. 


Brilliant - You figure things out and make things happen. You easily learn things you don't know, and find a way of getting answers.  You're a master of digital tools, technology, and critical thinking and are able to proactively rise to the occasion     

Experienced - You have successfully worked in a fast paced, and dynamic environment working closely with highly driven founders and leadership teams on strategic initiatives and projects.

Fast Paced - You move incredibly fast. People you have worked with describe as a self motivated person who gets stuff big and small done accurately and quickly. You are at a point in your life where you are motivated to be deeply committed to your work. 

Organized - You are very organized, system and process driven  and can multitask between tasks in an organized fashion including a history of working effectively and efficiently in various software environments. 

Driven - You are incredibly driven. You like to work hard, be challenged, have ambitious work goals and ultimately be very well rewarded. Your drive extends to your team and the people around you and your produce profitable results not only individually, but through others. 

Job Requirements



  • Manage full Family Office P&L and execute strategies to reduce costs and create profitable growth

  • Create and maintain budgets/projections for family office revenues, costs, and capex.

  • Review all invoices for FO and manage leaders, teams, and contractors to budget and deliverables. 

  • Evaluate and manage investment opportunities that are aligned with investment objectives.

  • Work with Internal/external advisors to support and execute  tax strategies, minimize tax liability and ensure all tax compliance is complete. 

  • Work with external wealth management and investment advisor team, and inside legal and tax to review, report, execute and optimizer investment portfolio.  

  • Manage construction and leasehold improvements on real estate developments.

  • Ensure all required insurance is in place, including, Property, Casualty, Auto, and Other Insurance - Property/Estate Management - Perform property management activities for real estate (both family and business-owned) and personal property

  • Assist in global family operations and movement including managing/booking jets, yachts, and vehicle fleet and organizing travel requirements such as visas and various travel and residency documents. Working with global partners to establish new investment and banking accounts and support their operation and management. 

  • Manage and create SOPs for all residences and location based assets.  

  • Financial reporting - Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements/reports for the family including personal assets/operations as well as various business entities

  • Special projects - Assist family members and Senior Management Team Members with various special projects as required


  • 5+  years of experience in overseeing family office finance including budgets, financial management and reporting, expense management and vendor selection and management.  

  • 5+ Real estate and construction financial management, budgeting and budget management ideally with property Management experience

  • 2+ years experience in working with investment/asset management resources and and capital management. 

  • Ideally, 2+ years experience managing budgets and operational process for internal or external staff overseeing family operations assets like Jet, Yacht, vehicles, helicopters etc 

  • Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, or a related field; MBA, CPACFA preferred.

  • Strong track record of managing budgets and teams to target, and reducing costs in various areas of operations. Excellent leadership and team management skills.

  • Articulate, inspirational, and persuasive business communication skills.

  • Have experience implementing tools and processes.

  • Data oriented, ability to leverage data to help solve for business problems

  • Tech savvy (G-Suite,  Microsoft Office,  ATS systems, Financial / Investment platforms, ect)

  • Discretion and high ethical standards.

  • Credible and verifiable history,  with direct UHNW reference (s) that speak to your capability in the above 


In this role you will significantly contribute to the success of all businesses in our portfolio and will be rewarded commensurately. This is a long term 'grow with the family' role and compensation will grow aggressively overtime based on your achievement and success.    Full medical benefits are provided as part of this roll. 


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