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Executive Project Manager to the Chief of Staff  Remote, FL  Posted: 2/12/2024
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Executive Project Manager to the Chief of Staff


Elevation Capital is a group of internationally impactful companies spanning consumer packaged goods, hospitality, technology, real estate, non-profit, and venture funding. Run by a highly entrepreneurial self-made founder, and a team of highly capable executives across business units, the business operates globally with interests in US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. With wholly owned companies in a range of growth stages and an ever-expanding investment portfolio, this group jointly serves a global vision to create an evolved world where humanity serves our highest purpose. 


Your key focus in this position will be to work directly with the CEO and Leadership Team on strategy, planning, developing and monitoring quarterly OKRs and day-to-day KPIs. You will be deployed into high priority strategic and operational initiatives as the company continues to build structure, grow within current markets, and expand into new markets. This role will be an asset company-wide, supporting complex projects, driving key strategic initiatives, and providing ad hoc expertise and support as needed across various functions. In addition, you will serve as an escalation point for operational needs, gathering feedback prior to bringing your recommendations and solutions to the CEO. 

You are our company's master generalist and infinite learner with a 'been there done that' foundation. Not only do you love to learn, but with a strong background and thorough understanding of organizational management, you have become a one-of-a-kind in how you field and deploy solutions. You are unique in that you not only keep your own items on track and progressing, but you are able to motivate others within the leadership team to do the same. You use data driven models to provide insight and keep tabs on where we currently are and the direct path to where we need to be. 

The ability to think on your feet, take charge, be creative, and be dependable are key traits we are looking for in this position. We are seeking someone who is not afraid to get their hands dirty and enjoys diving into unknown territory where they are constantly developing new skills in different areas. If you enjoy problem solving and strategic thinking and bringing organization to chaos through collaboration and communication this will be the perfect fit for you! 

Job Requirements




  • 5 + years' experience supporting the leadership team in a similar capacity 
  • 5+ years' taking the lead on and driving strategic initiatives throughout the company 
  • 3+ years' experience partnering with founder/entrepreneur to manage and organize executives and executive teams to peak performance in a multi-business structure; you build relationships with other stakeholders and become everyone's main point of contact so that all communications go though you first 
  • Family Office / Private Equity / VC experience highly preferred, working in a structure with multiple business portfolios.
  • Venture Studio / Incubators is also great working with founders and executives to build and scale new businesses.
  • Strong research and data management skills (e.g. Investment funds, companies, etc.) focused on emerging spaces such as Climate Tech, AI, Sustainable Packaging etc.
  • Willingness and ability to quickly learn new material and become subject matter expert
  • Ability to use and find resources/ tools to streamline processes (e.g ChatGPT, Etc.)
  • Willingness to help out with any / all tasks including personal items such as booking flights, airbnbs, cars, etc. and managing vendors (e.g property managers, home contractors, etc.)
  • East coast (preferred) Florida (south Florida) best if possible
  • Operations or business leadership with P&L or business unit level functionality and responsibility 
  • Strong strategic planning and financial and business acumen 
  • Significant project management and data analytics experience; Project Management Institute (PMI) certification preferred 
  • Project management skills, Gantt charts, pert, timelines, official project management and project portfolio management experience; an expert juggler of all tasks who can provide specific details, strong history of organizing complicated projects within tight timelines, stores things in organized fashion, communicates in clear and concise fashion, and able to communicate complex topics in an articulate manner 
  • Experience in a startup and/or hyper-growth environment 
  • Experience in people and people management support that drives performance through a performance management system 
  • Ability to pivot quickly, stay calm under pressure, and streamline processes in a fast paced, high growth environment 
  • Strong history of building, maintaining, and developing positive relationships; ability and proven experience to get anyone on the phone; fantastic negotiator, good at getting people to say yes 
  • Very fast: thinks, speaks, and moves fast while remaining highly detailed and accurate 
  • Highly adaptable: extremely change ready; brings stability, structure, and profitability to a dynamic environment 
  • Emotionally grounded: strong EQ (emotional intelligence) and emotional control; knows how to manage hot people and hot environments without breaking a sweat; hustle mentality with strong endurance but is self-managing with their time




Passionate - You love business and are highly proficient in all elements of it. You have a passion for creating order out of chaos within all parts of the business from finance to marketing to legal.   

Brilliant - You are incredibly intelligent; you know it and so do the people around you, yet you maintain a strong sense of humility that allows you to be a very effective team player and leader of other brilliant and ambitious people. You move fast, challenge greatness, and play the chess game many moves ahead.   

Highly Organized -You are proficient at establishing personal and business operating systems to manage large amounts of complexity and can execute at a high pace, in environments of rapid change, high pressure, and complexity.   

Leader - You have a natural style of leadership that attracts highly talented people and inspires them to find, hold and conquer mountains, as a team. You have a group of people that follow you to where you go, are a great judge of talent, and are a strong force for creating an unstoppable winning culture.   

Relentless - You have deep internal motivation to win and have a clear track record of perseverance and accomplishment under difficult circumstances. You are at a place in your life where you are prepared to dedicate yourself to your work and you are ready to build something meaningful on a global scale. 


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