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Videographer and Editor  Waverly, NE  Posted: 11/18/2022
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Alphanumeric is hiring a Videographer and Editor to work onsite in Waverly, NE with a global pharmaceutical organization. 

Job Purpose:
Video, edit, annotate, and publish completed videos of maintenance and manufacturing processes to aid with training associates

* Coordinate with the engineering and manufacturing team on video priorities
* Assist with scripting the videos and determining the best lighting and angles
* After completing the videos, edit the video in the 'DeepHow' platform or other supplied applications .
* Coordinate with the applicable departments to review and approve the videos
* Publish the videos in the DeepHow platform
* Update completed videos as requested

Job Requirements


Task Details:
* Ensure client (or self provided if applicable) equipment is always available for filming
* Coordinate with applicable teams on location of filming and type of filming to conduct
* Ensure background of filming, noise level and aesthetics are optimal, perform voice over when required.
* Conduct filming with necessary equipment to capture processes effectively and at correct zoom level
* Be on call during work hours to film as required
* Edit the captured videos in the 'DeepHow' software platform to maximize simplicity and ease of learning
* Notify the appropriate associates to review and approve (if applicable) the videos
* Publish the videos in the 'DeepHow' system
* If changes are necessary, film the changes and edit into the previous uploaded videos

- High school diploma or equivalent
- 2+ years of capturing videos
- 2+ years of editing videos
- Previous GMP experience preferred



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