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Gas Turbine Auxiliaries Engineer  Orlando, FL  Posted: 11/30/2021
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Alphanumeric is hiring for a Gas Turbine Auxiliaries Engineer in Lake Mary, FL

This position is responsible for heat exchange equipment for gas turbine projects, working with outside vendors to fabricate the specified equipment and ensuring that the supplied equipment meet code, contract, and schedule requirements for power projects in Americas.

The Mechanical Systems Engineering Group is responsible for the following major systems:
  • Fuel Gas Purge Air unit
  • Lube Oil Unit & Oil Mist Separator
  • Control Oil Unit & Control Oil Cleaning Unit
  • Compressor Blade Washing
  • Heat Exchangers, Including the Turbine Cooling Air Cooler, 2C Cooler, 4S Cooler, ECA Cooler, Fuel Gas Heater, FG Dew Point Heater, Closed Cooling Water Coolers
  • Vessels, including Fuel Gas Scrubbers and Filters
  • GT and Auxiliary Enclosures Heating, Ventilation and Fire Fighting
Primary Duties Include:
  • Interpret P&IDs and other technical material to develop system interface requirements
  • Prepare supporting calculations needed to ensure proper sizing of equipment
  • Prepare inquiry and purchase specifications for mechanical equipment
  • Provide technical recommendation of vendor 
  • Review of vendor designs to ensure compliance with code, contract and internal requirements 
  • Ensure arrangement and foundation interface information meets requirements
  • Technical qualification of vendors
  • Specification and analysis of test results.
  • Development of standard drawings and specifications
  • Development of design improvements
  • Develop and adhere to schedule for engineering deliverables
  • Meet regularly with vendors to ensure all technical and schedule requirements are being met.
  • Interpret and respond to technical inquiries from customer, vendors, and field personnel.
  • Interpret and integrate design requirements from parent company.
  • Establish processes and procedures that will ensure an effective and optimized use of resources while providing high quality design packages. 
  • Develop concepts to reduce system costs. 
  • Ensure that code requirements are correctly defined and incorporated into the system design and reflected as vendor requirements. 
  • Provide regular status updates to management
  • Interpret end customer contract technical requirements and ensure incorporation into the system design. 
  • Establish corrective actions to reduce nonconformance and improve quality.
  • Preparation of correspondence to vendors and other engineering groups



Job Requirements


Education / Experience Requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering required.
  • Masters is desirable.
  • Minimum ten (10) years of technical experience required. 
  • Preference is experience with heat exchangers/vessels (Shell and Tube, and Air Cooled Exchangers).
  • Power Plant 
  • Japan-related or other International business experience is a plus.



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